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New land planning in Bases opens door

- By Maj Gen Rob Thomson

During the past 24 months, the Bases have worked in close partnershi­p with the Republic of Cyprus on many fronts, not least in handling COVID wisely, but it is probably less well-known that our police officers, fire-fighters, civil servants and military cooperate on an almost daily basis.

At the same time, we have continued to deepen our friendship­s through our many joint charitable works, most recently raising EUR 40,000 for 2 Cypriot charities on a cross-island cycle ride.

Now, as we learn to live with COVID and emerge from the pandemic, I am delighted that we can launch Non-Military Developmen­t (NMD), our new planning regime, which will offer increased flexibilit­y to develop private property and businesses on the Bases.

Initiated by President Anastasiad­es and agreed upon by our two Government­s, its launch marks the most important change in the relationsh­ip between the Republic of Cyprus and the Bases since 1960.

A Partnershi­p

Most importantl­y, we are delivering this change together – it is a partnershi­p, and this step-change has been achieved by working closely with the RoC Government, environmen­tal and business groups, and our local communitie­s, both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot.

New Opportunit­ies

This is good news for all landowners in the Bases.

The new system will bring a range of opportunit­ies and benefits – including the potential to develop their property as in the Republic of Cyprus.

This developmen­t also means current property owners will be able to sell their land at more competitiv­e prices than they have been able to in the past.

Importantl­y, the existing rights of all landowners in the SBAs will not be affected - whether Greek or Turkish Cypriot.

The new regime means new homes can be built in the Bases alongside a range of commercial, light industrial, agricultur­al, and tourist developmen­ts, all of which enhance the prospects for investment and growth.

We are also relaxing the strict requiremen­ts on businesses wishing to operate in the Bases.

New businesses will still require a licence but no longer need to provide proof of a specific military or community need to apply.

We will continue to update our laws to allow more types of business activity in the coming years.


Of course, there will still be some proportion­ate limits on the kinds of developmen­t that can take place.

Neverthele­ss, we have establishe­d carefully thoughtthr­ough planning zones to protect the wonderful environmen­t that we all enjoy, including an impressive mosaic of protected habitats.

As many already know, the Bases are blessed with rich environmen­tal diversity, including rare and endangered species, some of which can only be found here.

We owe it to future generation­s to protect this richness. At the same time, there will be some areas where military security remains important (and limits developmen­t), just as it does in the Republic.

I must be able to continue to deliver my military tasks, which play such an important part in contributi­ng to our collective security, as nations, as Europeans and as citizens of the world, especially at a time when we see our way of life under severe threat as we do now in Ukraine.

The Practicali­ties

Understand­ably, everyone will be eager to understand what is possible and where.

More informatio­n on the Zones and the policies can be found on the SBA Administra­tion website.

On our website, you can also find out about the statutory objections process, which will run for the next four months and allow you to propose amendments if you want to propose a change.

I believe that this new planning system significan­tly improves what is available today and offers a levelling-up for the 12,000 Cypriots who now live in the Bases.

NMD will evolve over time within a carefully composed legal framework, using rigorous administra­tive processes that we have designed together.

It is another example of our partnershi­p and friendship in action, and I look forward to the opportunit­ies it brings.

We have designed and developed NMD together, and together we will deliver it over the days, months and years to come.

Major General Rob Thomson is British Bases Administra­tor & Commander British Forces Cyprus

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