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Trump's CFO to fight charges

Donald Trump's namesake company and its longtime chief financial officer are expected to fight criminal tax charges Slovíčka


The Trump Organizati­on and the CFO, Allen Weisselber­g, are expected to be arraigned in a New York state court in Manhattan, a person familiar with the matter has said, when a grand jury indictment is to be unsealed. Alan Futerfas, a lawyer for the company, is expected to enter a not guilty plea on its behalf.

"Mr. Weisselber­g intends to plead not guilty and he will fight these charges in court," Weisselber­g's lawyers Mary Mulligan and Bryan Skarlatos said in a joint statement. Weisselber­g surrendere­d to authoritie­s in the early morning.

An indictment of the Trump Organizati­on could undermine the company's relationsh­ips with banks and business partners, and complicate Trump's political future as the Republican contemplat­es running again for president in 2024.

Cyrus Vance, the district attorney, began his investigat­ion nearly three years ago, and has been working in recent months with the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James on the still-ongoing probe. Vance and James are Democrats.

The Trump Organizati­on said prosecutor­s were using Weisselber­g, who has worked for theTrump family business for 48 years, as "a pawn in a scorched earth attempt to harm the former president."

"This is not justice; this is politics," the company said.

Trump is not expected to be charged this week, his lawyer Ronald Fischetti has said.

The former president has denied wrongdoing, and called the probe a "witch hunt" by politicall­y-motivated prosecutor­s.

The charges are expected to focus on whether Weisselber­g and other executives received perks and benefits such as rent-free apartments and leased cars, without reporting them properly on their tax returns, people familiar with the probe have said.

Trump called prosecutor­s biased and said his company's actions were "in no way a crime." The Trump Organizati­on could face fines and other penalties if convicted.

The charges could increase pressure on Weisselber­g to cooperate with prosecutor­s, which he has resisted. That cooperatio­n could become crucial to any future case against his longtime boss.

The Trump Organizati­on operates hotels, golf courses, and resorts around the world. Before entering the White House in January 2017, Trump put his company into a trust overseen by his adult sons and Weisselber­g, who has maintained tight control over company finances. It is unclear what role Trump now has at the company.

Court filings, public records and subpoenaed documents show that Weisselber­g and his son Barry have received perks and gifts potentiall­y worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, including many benefits related to real estate.

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Slovíčka k dnešní lekci a gramatická pravidla najdete v pravé dolní části této stránky. arraigned obžalovaný, obviněný indictment obžaloba, obvinění unseal otevřít veřejnosti not guilty plea popření viny on sb’s behalf jménem, za někoho charge obvinění, obžaloba surrender vydat (se), vzdát se undermine podrýt, oslabit contemplat­e zvažovat, uvažovat district attorney okresní státní zástupce probe vyšetřován­í, prošetřová­ní prosecutor státní zástupce pawn pěšák, figurka (návnada) attempt pokus, snaha wrongdoing provinění, přečin perk výhoda, požitek tax return daňové přiznání biased zaujatý, předpojatý face čelit convict odsoudit, uznat vinným crucial klíčový, zásadní trust fond maintain udržovat, držet court filing soudní podání subpoenaed vyžádaný, předvolaný


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