Ca­ring for your glo­ves

Our Tab­le Cut glo­ves are of the hig­hest qua­li­ty. It stands to re­a­son that the na­tu­ral, ex­qui­si­tely craf­ted ma­te­ri­als need a litt­le ten­der ca­re from ti­me to ti­me.

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It starts with your hand

If you me­a­su­re the cir­cum­fe­rence of the palm, the hand’s ot­her me­a­su­re­ments should be in pro­por­tion to it. The glo­ve si­ze cor­re­sponds to the cir­cum­fe­rence around the palm. Al­ways re­mem­ber to me­a­su­re the do­mi­nant hand. A pro­per­ly fitted Tab­le Cut glo­ve should be a litt­le bit dif­ficult to put on the first few ti­mes. But af­ter a whi­le, it will form ni­cely to your hand. When try­ing on a new pair of glo­ves, bend your hand slight­ly upwards and ma­ke su­re you get small folds at the knuck­les – to en­su­re the si­ze is correct.

Stretch your glo­ves

The glo­ve cut­ter de­ter­mi­nes the elas­ti­ci­ty of each glo­ve – to en­su­re the per­fect fit. Ho­wever, af­ter an ex­ten­ded pe­ri­od of use, it is nor­mal for the glo­ve to wi­den over the hand. To re­tain the ori­gi­nal fit, simply stretch the glo­ve over the ed­ge of a tab­le. Hold the fing­er­tips with one hand and the cuff ope­ning with the ot­her. Then stretch gent­ly with the back of the hand against the tab­le.

Avo­id rain and heat

Our glo­ving le­at­her is drum-dy­ed to afford it a richer, mo­re na­tu­ral co­lour. But it do­es ma­ke it mo­re sen­si­ti­ve to hu­mi­di­ty and rain. If your glo­ves are ex­po­sed to ex­ces­si­ve moistu­re, dark stains may ap­pe­ar – espe­ci­al­ly on brigh­ter co­lours. If, by chan­ce, your glo­ves get wet, you can dry them at room tem­pe­ra­tu­re. In the event of dar­ker stains, use a soft cloth along with a sprink­ling of tal­cum pow­der and gent­ly rub the area. The stain will most li­kely fa­de.

Use se­ve­ral pairs

The fi­nest raw ma­te­ri­als go in­to our glo­ves. To help them main­tain their ori­gi­nal ap­pea­ran­ce, gi­ve your pair a rest from ti­me to ti­me (damp na­tu­ral ma­te­ri­als wears mo­re ea­sily than dry). A good ha­bit to ad­opt would be to wear them eve­ry ot­her day.

Tips for daily use

The­re is a sec­ret to put­ting on a glo­ve pro­per­ly. Pull it gent­ly over the hand by al­ter­na­ting between pul­ling the palm and the back of the hand down to­wards the wrist. Avo­id pus­hing down between the fing­ers of the glo­ve. When re­mo­ving your glo­ves, pull the fing­ers off si­mul­ta­ne­ously. By following the­se simp­le tips, your glo­ves will not on­ly last long­er, but al­so re­tain their ori­gi­nal fit.

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