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El Sal­va­dor, a bles­sed land for the ger­mi­na­tion and de­ve­lop­ment of cof­fee, is fa­cing new tou­rist de­mand that is ri­sing to the ex­pec­ta­tions of vi­si­tors that want to know about our cul­tu­re th­rough the cof­fee in­dustry.

Af­ter a good plan­ting, the­re is a bles­sed le­gacy of a boun­ti­ful har­vest, and in El Sal­va­dor, cof­fee is no ex­cep­tion. In­tro­du­ced in the country by for­mer pre­si­dent Cap­tain Ge­ne­ral Ge­rar­do Ba­rrios, the de­ve­lop­ment and mar­ke­ting of the “Gol­den Grain” (as it was known back then) re­cei­ved a great boost du­ring his te­nu­re.

Farms and es­ta­tes ha­ve the po­ten­tial of de­ve­lo­ping as tou­rist at­trac­tions with their beautiful sce­nery, ca­pa­city for the prac­ti­ce of ex­tre­me sports, bio­lo­gi­cal di­ver­sity, and the cul­tu­ral events and tra­di­tions that each par­ti­cu­lar pla­ce has to of­fer, gi­ving vi­si­tors the chan­ce to en­joy eit­her a com­bi­ned or in­di­vi­dual ex­pe­rien­ce, ac­cor­ding to their pre­fe­ren­ce.

From the­re, the be­ne­fits of cof­fee open their doors for the drying and grin­ding of the cof­fee beans, whe­re vi­si­tors can learn and ha­ve a say in the pro­cess this par­ti­cu­lar crop ta­kes.

All of the steps in the cof­fee bean cul­ti­va­tion and ma­na­ge­ment are exe­cu­ted in farm areas, which can al­so be com­bi­ned with a num­ber of lei­su­re ac­ti­vi­ties and ex­tre­me sports, such as hi­king, wild­li­fe ob­ser­va­tion, hor­se­back ri­ding, and ot­her out­door sports.

Pa­la­cio Na­cio­nal, San Sal­va­dor.

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