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When it co­mes to en­jo­ying re­la­xa­tion pe­riods, tra­ve­lers ha­ve tra­di­tio­nally cho­sen des­ti­na­tions that stand out for their his­to­ric, cul­tu­ral, he­ri­ta­ge and en­vi­ron­men­tal cha­rac­te­ris­tics. Tho­se des­ti­na­tions ha­ve been prai­sed for their exo­ti­cism, com­fort, ba­lan­ce, or pos­si­bi­li­ties to ha­ve ad­ven­tu­re, fun, in­ner pea­ce … and va­ca­tio­ners seem to be plea­sed by tho­se ele­ments.

Ne­vert­he­less, the fer­ti­le and ever-chan­ging tra­vel in­dustry has pro­ven in re­cent years that it's ne­ver too much in terms of emo­tio­nal needs and plea­su­res. Two re­la­ti­vely new ways to plan and de­ve­lop trips are fre­quently ma­king head­li­nes: se­xual pre­fe­ren­ce tou­rism (al­so na­med LGBT tou­rism) and desire tou­rism. No­ne of the­se op­tions should be con­fu­sed with tra­vels in search of pros­ti­tu­tion des­ti­na­tions or se­xual tou­rism.

Alt­hough the­re are many peo­ple who don't to­tally ac­cept the­se tra­vel mo­da­li­ties and ex­press clearly mo­ra­list stands, the truth is that they are all the ra­ge now.

Per­haps this boom is re­la­ted to the mul­ti­ple rea­li­za­tion pos­si­bi­li­ties fos­te­red by both ni­ches. This mul­ti­pli­city has be­co­me ob­vious in pla­ces whe­re they are ad­ver­ti­sed, sin­ce it's prac­ti­ced in big ci­ties, by the seas­ho­re, in a night­club or a ho­tel room. It's al­so im­por­tant to high­light the di­ver­sity in terms of gen­der, ra­ce, age, as well as the ca­pa­city to be con­duc­ted in se­ve­ral parts of the world.

For ins­tan­ce, the com­pa­nies that fos­ter LGBT tou­rism don't need a specific of­fer for peo­ple to choo­se them. They just ha­ve to gi­ve their customers a pleasant en­vi­ron­ment, whe­re tran­qui­lity plays the lea­ding ro­le, alt­hough so­me ex­perts point out that gay tou­rism has been mo­re suc­cess­ful in big ci­ties, whe­re al­ter­na­ti­ve li­festy­les run in the fa­ce of li­be­ral at­ti­tu­des.

Alt­hough any tra­vel mo­da­lity meets the LGBT tou­rism's re­qui­re­ments, the­re is a gro­wing de­mand for in­ter­na­tio­nal crui­ses, sin­ce passengers usually vi­sit four or fi­ve des­ti­na­tions in a short ti­me and en­joy nightli­fe in tho­se pla­ces. The­re are ex­clu­si­ve lo­ca­les in many ci­ties or pre­mi­ses whe­re most customers are mem­bers of that com­mu­nity, such as res­tau­rants, dis­cos or the so-ca­lled gay bars.

Just as it's ex­pres­sed by its na­me, this tou­rism seg­ment is fo­cu­sed on the LGBT com­mu­nity, but it al­so at­tracts he­te­ro­se­xual peo­ple, as well as fa­mily groups and friends. R Fa­mily Va­ca­tions is one of the most sought-af­ter com­pa­nies in the bu­si­ness.

The of­fers of ho­tels and re­sorts are get­ting mo­re re­fi­ned, ac­cor­ding to a mar­ket cha­rac­te­ri­zed by high con­sum­ption le­vels. Me­xi­can Ri­vie­ra Ma­ya's Desire Re­sorts, for exam­ple, are only mar­ke­ted for cou­ples over 21 years of age, with de­lu­xe rooms and high-stan­dard ser­vi­ces. “Open your mind, get se­du­ced and feel”, that's the in­vi­ta­tion is­sued by the­se tou­rism fa­ci­li­ties whe­re wea­ring clot­hes is op­tio­nal.

On the ot­her hand, desire tou­rism is al­so prac­ti­ced by many sin­gle peo­ple who are loo­king for cou­ples or want to ex­pe­ri­ment with their se­xua­lity. This mo­da­lity usually in­vol­ves de­lu­xe stay in a to­tally un­bia­sed en­vi­ron­ment. Iso­la­ted ho­tels, nu­dist bea­ches, lu­xu­rious and ex­pen­si­ve fa­ci­li­ties that of­fer re­la­xa­tion and fun, tho­se are the ele­ments that ge­ne­rally com­ple­ment a suc­cess­ful destinatio­n in this mar­ket.

LGBT tou­rism tar­gets les­bians, gays, bi­se­xuals and trans­se­xuals. It mainly of­fers its users an open en­vi­ron­ment, pro se­xual di­ver­sity, away from dis­cri­mi­na­tion and vio­len­ce

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