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4 lb. of chic­ken sli­ced in small pie­ces 1 red pep­per well di­ced 1 pinch of ore­gano 1 teas­poon of mas­hed gar­lic ¼ cup of celery di­ces ¼ cup of sli­ced

olives 1 stick of fresh co­rian­der 1 stick of

thy­me ¼ teas­poon of

pep­per 1½ teas­poon

of salt 5 ta­bles­poons of oil (pea­nut,

corn or soy) 1 teas­poon of su­gar

5 cups of wa­ter 1 cup of to­ma­to sau­ce 1 cup of di­ced au­ya­ma 4 cup of long-grain ri­ce


1. Ma­ri­na­te the chic­ken for 10 mi­nu­tes with the gar­lic, the ore­gano, the pep­per, the celery, the olives, the co­rian­der, the thy­me, a pinch of pep­per and a

teas­poon of salt. 2. Heat th­ree ta­bles­poons of oil in a cas­se­ro­le at me­dium-to-high tem­pe­ra­tu­re. Sa­ve the rest of the

oil for la­ter. 3. Pour the su­gar in­to the boi­ling oil and let it heat till

it turns dark brown. 4. Add the chic­ken (sa­ve the ve­ge­ta­bles and the herbs it was ma­ri­na­ted in), ma­king su­re not to get bur­ned with the sprin­kling hot oil. Stir un­til all the

chic­ken pie­ces turn in­to a dark co­lor. 5. Put a lid on the cas­se­ro­le and let it cook for 10 mi­nu­tes; add ta­bles­poons of wa­ter when ne­ces­sary to pre­vent it from get­ting cha­rred. Stir fre­quently.

6. Add the to­ma­to sau­ce, the au­ya­ma and the ve­ge­ta­ble and herbs you sa­ved and stir. Pour 4½ cups of wa­ter and sea­son it with as much salt and pep­per

as you wish. 7. As soon as it starts boi­ling, add the ri­ce and the au­ya­ma. Cook at a me­dium burn and stir on a re­gu­lar ba­sis to pre­vent the ri­ce from stic­king to the bot­tom

of the cas­se­ro­le. 8. On­ce the wa­ter has boi­led away, put an air­tight lid on it and let it cook at a very slow burn for 15 mi­nu­tes.

9. Re­mo­ve the lid and add the re­mai­ning of the oil. Put the lid back on and let it cook for ot­her 5 mi­nu­tes. 10. Tas­te the ri­ce to make su­re it’s well co­oked. If it’s not com­ple­tely co­oked, put the lid back on and let it

cook for 5 ex­tra mi­nu­tes. 11. Ser­ve hot with green sa­lads and ri­pe ba­na­nas a la

cas­se­ro­le, or with sli­ces of avo­ca­do.

To­tal pre­pa­ra­tion ti­me: 45 mi­nu­tes

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