* “Let the good times roll.”

Excelencias Turísticas del caribe y las Américas - - Viajes / Trevels -

The li­te­ral trans­la­tion of this French-ori­gin Ca­jun ex­pres­sion, wi­dely used du­ring the Mar­di Gras car­ni­val, con­veys its ac­tual mea­ning. It’s used in the spi­rit of “let the party go on fo­re­ver”.

Peo­ple say you ha­ven’t been to Naw­lins if you ha­ven’t seen the Mar­di Gras or the French Quar­ter, of ha­ven’t tas­ted any of the highlys­pi­ced Ca­jun treats. Peo­ple say you know nearly not­hing about NO­LA if you ha­ven’t had the palm of your hand read by any of the voo­doo for­tu­ne­te­llers. The fact is that few things es­ca­pe the motley his­tory of the Satch­mo’s Loui­sia­na… The Ex­ce­len­cias magazine vi­si­ted this real­mar­ve­lous city du­ring the 2016 In­ter­na­tio­nal Pow Wow and we we­re simply dazz­led by so­me of its charms. Co­me and un­ra­vel them with us th­rough the­se post­cards pre­sen­ted by Tra­vels by Ex­ce­len­cias…

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