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Duaba. Vi­lla cam­pes­tre y co­lo­ri­da, a solo 3 km de la Ciu­dad Pri­ma­da, jun­to al río que le pres­ta el nom­bre y la ba­ña con su man­se­dum­bre y sus susurros. Pun­to de par­ti­da para vi­vir la aven­tu­ra que sig­ni­fi­ca re­des­cu­brir a ca­da pa­so los se­cre­tos de la na­tu­ra­le­za y re­en­con­trar­se con la his­to­ria. Duaba, a country­si­de and motley vi­lla­ge just 3 km from Cuba's first vi­lla­ge, next to the ri­ver it's na­med af­ter, and bat­hed by wa­ter­cour­se and whis­pe­ring flows. This is the star­ting block to bolt for ad­ven­tu­re and a chan­ce to re­dis­co­ver the se­crets of nature and meet with his­tory again every step of the way.

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