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DAY  HA­VA­NA Break­fast. In­for­ma­ti­ve mee­ting, de­par­tu­re from the ho­tel to vi­sit co­lo­nial Ha­va­na, de­cla­red World Heritage by UNESCO. Wal­king tour th­rough the his­to­ric cen­ter, its squa­res, for­tres­ses and buil­dings built by the Spa­niards bet­ween the th and th cen­tu­ries, with op­por­tu­ni­ties for the pur­cha­se of han­di­crafts. In tran­sit, vi­sit to La Bo­de­gui­ta del Me­dio and grand tour around Old Ha­va­na’s main streets and ave­nues. Stop at the Ca­pi­tol. Lunch (one drink in­clu­ded) in a lo­cal res­tau­rant. Con­ti­nua­tion of the tour with pa­no­ra­mic view from the Uni­ver­sity of Ha­va­na and stop at the Re­vo­lu­tion Squa­re, with plenty of pho­to ops. Re­turn to the ho­tel. The Tro­pi­ca­na Ca­ba­ret is a nightly op­tio­nal.

DAY  HA­VA­NA-BA­ÑOS DE ELGUEA-SAGUA LA GRAN­DE Break­fast and de­par­tu­re to the pro­vin­ce of Vi­lla Cla­ra to­wards Elguea, whe­re se­ve­ral ther­mal baths are lo­ca­ted. Ti­me for the en­joy­ment of the re­sort and lunch on the pre­mi­ses. In the af­ter­noon, de­par­tu­re for Sagua la Gran­de, Vi­lla Cla­ra pro­vin­ce’s se­cond city, that stands out for its neo­clas­si­cal and eclec­tic spi­rit. Pa­no­ra­mic tour of the city that in­clu­des a vi­sit to the rail­way sta­tion, a cat­ho­lic church, the Pa­la­ce of Are­nas, the Ca­sino Es­pa­ñol and Ca­sa Mo­re. Ac­com­mo­da­tion and din­ner at the se­lec­ted ho­tel.

DAY  SAGUA LA GRAN­DE - SAN­TA CLA­RA Break­fast and de­par­tu­re to San­ta Cla­ra, with a vi­sit to the Cat­he­dral, La Ca­ri­dad Thea­ter, the Vidal Park, the Ar­mo­red Train and the Er­nes­to Che Gue­va­ra Me­mo­rial. Lunch at a lo­cal res­tau­rant and re­turn to the ho­tel. Night off.

DAY  SAN­TA CLA­RA - CA­YO SAN­TA MARÍA Break­fast and de­par­tu­re to the city of Re­me­dios, vi­sit to the Pa­rran­das Mu­seum, the San Juan Bau­tis­ta Pa­rish Church, the Ale­jan­dro García Ca­tur­la Hou­se Mu­seum, the Mar­ce­lo Sa­la­do su­gar mill, fea­tu­ring a ri­de on a steam-po­we­red train all the way to the Cu­ru­jey farm­hou­se for lunch. In the af­ter­noon, de­par­tu­re to Ca­yo San­ta María. Ac­com­mo­da­tion in an allin­clu­si­ve ho­tel.


Day off to en­joy the bea­ches and wa­ters­ports.

DAY  CA­YO SAN­TA MARÍA - MORÓN Break­fast and de­par­tu­re to Morón. In tran­sit, vi­sit to the city of Ya­gua­jay, one of the myt­hi­cal pla­ces of the Cu­ban Re­vo­lu­tion whe­re Com­man­der Ca­mi­lo Cien­fue­gos fought one of the de­ci­si­ve battles that brought the mi­li­tary dic­ta­tors­hip to an end. Con­ti­nua­tion of the trip to the town of Ma­ya­ji­gua for lunch ti­me at the Los La­gos de Ma­ya­ji­gua Ho­tel. Trip to Morón to see the pro­tec­ted area of the Ca­gua­nes Na­tio­nal Park, boas­ting an eye-opening ca­vern sys­tem. Ac­com­mo­da­tion and din­ner at the ho­tel.

DAY  MORÓN-CA­YO CO­CO Break­fast and de­par­tu­re to Ca­yo Co­co with vi­sit to the La­gu­na de la Le­che, a sought-af­ter na­tu­ral en­vi­ron­ment among tou­rists. Ti­me for a boat ri­de and con­ti­nua­tion of the trip to ma­ke a sto­po­ver in the town of Tu­ri­gua­nó, foun­ded by Ce­lia San­chez at the be­gin­ning of the s. Con­ti­nua­tion of the trip to Ca­yo Co­co. Ac­com­mo­da­tion in an all-in­clu­si­ve ho­tel. Af­ter­noon and free off.


Day off to en­joy the bea­ches and ot­her op­tio­nal to-dos.

DAY  CA­YO CO­CO- HA­VA­NA Break­fast and ti­me off un­til pic­kup for re­turn to the Ha­va­na air­port. Arri­val with trans­fer to the se­lec­ted ho­tel. Ac­com­mo­da­tion and din­ner.Re­turn to the ho­tel and night off.

DAY  HA­VA­NA Break­fast and ti­me off un­til pic­kup for trans­fer to the in­ter­na­tio­nal air­port, ac­cor­ding to flight sche­du­les.

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