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Open, wel­co­ming and hos­pi­ta­ble. This is the Va­len­cian Com­mu­nity, ma­de up of the pro­vin­ces of Ali­can­te, Cas­te­llón and Va­len­cia. An area of the Ibe­rian Pe­nin­su­la in which, th­roug­hout the year, a plea­sant cli­ma­te pre­vails and in which its in­ha­bi­tants fos­ter tourismoph­ilia, a modality ba­sed on mul­tiplying the va­lues that can ma­ke the vi­si­tor fall head over heels in lo­ve with a des­ti­na­tion.

Tou­rism is «lin­ked» to the hu­man con­di­tion, vi­si­tors are pla­ced at the cen­ter of the of­fer and the spi­rit of trust and de­tails is wi­des­pread. The suc­cess is no­ti­cea­ble, ta­king in­to ac­count that this autonomous re­gion of Spain wel­co­med a re­cord high 9.2 mi­llion fo­reign tou­rists in 2018, up a so­lid 3.2% from 2017. A ma­jo­rity of the­se tou­rists came from ot­her Spa­nish re­gions and from Eu­ro­pean na­tions.

In an ex­clu­si­ve conversati­on with Ex­ce­len­cias du­ring the re­cently-con­clu­ded In­ter­na­tio­nal Ex­hi­bi­tion of Tra­vel and Tou­rism of Mos­cow (MITT), José Ma­nuel Gis­bert, ge­ne­ral di­rec­tor of Tou­rism of the Va­len­cian Com­mu­nity, said that hos­pi­ta­lity is hoo­ked up with the Me­di­te­rra­nean cha­rac­ter that de­fi­nes the ci­ti­zens of this part of Spain, peo­ple who un­ders­tand and see tou­rism as a sour­ce of wealth, not only be­cau­se it is a ma­jor eco­no­mic po­wer­hou­se, but al­so for

po­si­ti­ve num­bers it puts on the board as far as emo­tions are con­cer­ned.

If it is a ques­tion of re­fe­ren­ces. Gis­bert men­tions th­ree tra­vel des­ti­na­tions that can­not be ig­no­red. «De­nia is the Creative City of UNSECO Gas­tro­nomy and we are in­ter­es­ted in spreading their work in the field of sus­tai­na­ble gastronomi­c tou­rism and as a channel to tout the Va­len­cian Me­di­te­rra­nean cul­tu­re. Al­so around Va­len­cia is El Pal­mar, whe­re the most ex­qui­si­te pa­tron su­rren­ders to the tasty pae­lla, a dish that tells us apart, but that we want to over­co­me with the Ex­qui­si­to Me­di­te­rrá­neo brand, which brings to­get­her the va­lues of the Me­di­te­rra­nean hos­pi­ta­lity and its cui­si­ne. Cas­te­llón is al­so in­land, with tra­di­tio­nal dis­hes and re­ci­pes in the pu­rest sty­le of our towns, and with much tou­rism po­ten­tial to of­fer, which re­main qui­te unk­nown un­til now».

Ali­can­te has be­co­me the ca­pi­tal of Me­di­te­rra­nean cui­si­ne and this is no doubt a strong toehold in the kind of tou­rism the Va­len­cian Com­mu­nity of­fers be­cau­se, ac­cor­ding to Gis­bert, a tra­ve­ler ea­ger to be trai­ned in the cul­tu­re of Me­di­te­rra­nean cui­si­ne can arri­ve in he­re.

Ho­we­ver, be­yond the gas­tro­nomy, the Va­len­cian Com­mu­nity is wor­king pains­ta­kingly to link its th­ree pro­vin­ces with at­trac­ti­ve tra­vel sport des­ti­na­tions. In that sen­se golf stands out be­cau­se the cli­ma­te and the qua­lity of the 22 golf cour­ses in this te­rri­tory con­tri­bu­te to that ef­fort. They are de­ter­mi­ned -he says- to ma­ke the Com­mu­nity an in­ter­na­tio­nal bench­mark in golf tra­vel.

Anot­her ad­di­tio­nal va­lue, from the pers­pec­ti­ve of cul­tu­ral tou­rism, is Las Fa­llas or Fies­tas del Fue­go in ho­nor of San Jose, held in March in a tra­di­tio­nal way in Va­len­cia and ot­her ci­ties. Its in­ter­na­tio­nal re­per­cus­sion is such that every year the num­ber of tra­ve­lers who co­me to join the celebratio­ns is in­crea­singly on the ri­se.

Vie­wed by many as just a won­der­ful land of sun and beach, in that area of 23, 255 squa­re ki­lo­me­ters, whe­re ex­ten­si­ve coas­tal plains and moun­tai­nous areas combine, and an ad­mi­ra­ble na­tu­ral, cul­tu­ral and ar­chi­tec­tu­ral he­ri­ta­ge pre­vail, the­re is still so much mo­re to dis­co­ver.

Du­ran­te to­do el año, en la Co­mu­ni­dad Va­len­cia­na pre­do­mi­na un cli­ma agra­da­ble y sus ha­bi­tan­tes fo­men­tan la turismofil­ia, ba­sa­da en mul­ti­pli­car los va­lo­res que pue­den enamo­rar al vi­si­tan­te All year round, the Com­mu­nity of Va­len­cia is bles­sed with mild weat­her and its in­ha­bi­tants cul­ti­va­te tourismoph­ilia, ba­sed on mul­tiplying va­lues vi­si­tors can fall head over heels in lo­ve with

En la Co­mu­ni­dad Va­len­cia­na fo­men­tan la turismofil­ia, una mo­da­li­dad ba­sa­da en mul­ti­pli­car los va­lo­res que pue­den enamo­rar al vi­si­tan­te. The Va­len­cian Com­mu­nity fos­ters tou­rismp­hi­lia, a kind of tra­vel ba­sed on the mul­ti­pli­ca­tion of va­lues that can ma­ke vi­si­tors fall for the des­ti­na­tion.

La Co­mu­ni­dad es un re­fe­ren­te in­ter­na­cio­nal del tu­ris­mo en la prác­ti­ca del golf. The Com­mu­nity is an in­ter­na­tio­nal bench­mark in golf tou­rism.

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