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Excelencias Turísticas del caribe y las Américas - - Tendecia / Trendsette­r -

In the fa­ce of the­se ti­mes' reality, we should ac­cept the fact that many con­cep­tions that ha­ve been wiel­ded as pa­ra­digms for years are now being ques­tio­ned, thus ma­king us co­me up with a new outli­ne that's mo­re in sync with the cu­rrent si­tua­tion.

The pie­ce­meal ad­van­ce of tra­vel tied up to se­ve­ral mo­ti­va­tions mo­ves on strongly and un­doub­tedly. The tre­men­do­us head­way ma­de by new tech­no­lo­gies -te­le­com­mu­ni­ca­tions, new ho­tel builds­cou­pled with the stream­li­ning of trans­o­cea­nic tra­vel, both air­bor­ne and ma­ri­ti­me, ha­ve prom­pted the mighty upri­sing

Ha­va­na -as a ca­pi­tal- ta­kes on the need to de­lu­xe fi­ve star lod­gings to its of­fer, cut out for a seg­ment of tou­rists encouraged by cul­tu­re, his­tory and he­ri­ta­ge, yet highly ri­go­rous with their ac­com­mo­da­tions ba­sed on their own bench­marks and in­ti­macy.

of tra­vel me­ta-sear­chers , on­li­ne tra­vel agen­cies (OTAs) and ho­tel com­pa­nies with brands of world­wi­de ou­treach. The­re­fo­re, their influence on the dis­tri­bu­tion chain block rat­chets up little by little thanks to the pos­si­bi­lity of ne­go­tia­ting bet­ter con­tents, con­cepts and of­fer con­di­tions.

With the view of cus­to­mi­zing of­fers to the ut­most in mind, so­cial me­dia de­li­ver an oppor­tu­nity to meet the cus­to­mers, know their pre­fe­ren­ces and needs, their mo­ti­va­tions and fa­vo­ri­te ac­ti­vi­ties, in an ef­fort to co­me up with a tai­lor-ma­de pro­duct. Thus, the cus­to­mi­za­tion of the cus­to­mer's tra­vel ex­pe­rien­ce is and will be the key to ma­king ho­tels far mo­re competitiv­e.

In this new sce­na­rio, the so-ca­lled ur­ban tou­rism is no doubt one of the ni­ches in the tra­vel mar­ket that sports the big­gest growth of all. Over the past fi­ve years, the num­ber of city-bound in­ter­na­tio­nal tra­ve­lers ram­ped up 82 per­cent, ac­cor­ding to ITB Ber­lin. The­re­fo­re, that mar­ket sha­re now ac­counts for a quar­ter of all world tou­rism.

Hass­le-free air­lift, the frag­men­ta­tion of va­ca­tions, the ex­pan­sion of lod­ging of­fers -both el chea­po and fancy- as well as the emer­gen­ce of new tra­vel at­trac­tions in the big ci­ties are just so­me of the cau­ses that ex­plain away the growth of ur­ban tou­rism. Today, what really de­fi­nes con­tem­po­rary ci­ties and ma­kes them truly luring is a mul­ti­tu­de of of­fers that com­bi­nes aut­hen­ti­city and mo­der­nity in the tra­ve­ler's per­cep­tion. The­se trends are reali­zed in the cons­truc­tion of high-end ho­tels de­sig­ned

for mo­re de­man­ding and seasoned tra­ve­lers with deep pockets.

In this sen­se, Ha­va­na -as a ca­pi­tal­ta­kes on the need to de­lu­xe fi­ve-star lod­gings to its of­fer, cut out for a seg­ment of tou­rists encouraged by cul­tu­re, his­tory and he­ri­ta­ge, yet highly ri­go­rous with their ac­com­mo­da­tions ba­sed on their own bench­marks and in­ti­macy.

The new ar­chi­tec­tu­ral-ho­tel de­signs are mar­ked by lar­ge glass win­dow pa­nes and me­tal struc­tu­res as the basic ex­pres­si­ve un­der­pin­nings that fa­vor views and the ex­chan­ge with the ou­ter spa­ce, thus poin­ting to ho­tels with new sty­lis­tic de­signs. The as­sess­ment of ma­te­rials and the pro­per use of tech­ni­cal qua­li­ties combine to propose a mo­dern and am­bi­tious ima­ge with rock­so­lid conceptual ele­ments.

Each and every ho­tel developmen­t rubs el­bows with the pre­ce­dent ar­chi­tec­tu­re, in kee­ping with the ur­ba­ni­za­tion they are lo­ca­ted in -Co­lo­nial Ha­va­na, Ve­da­do, Mi­ra­mar- and the new sty­lis­tic pa­ra­digms in­ter­na­tio­nal tou­rism is ru­led by, who­se qua­lity re­qui­re­ments and pa­ra­me­ters are cons­trued in the use of cut­tin­ged­ge tech­no­logy, con­ve­nien­ces, tra­de dres­ses and va­lue-ad­ded ser­vi­ces, things that certainly pa­ve the way for qua­li­ta­ti­ve conceptual twists and sty­les in countless buil­ding projects on and off the dra­wing board. That's what the great cha­llen­ge for the developmen­t of Ha­va­na's tou­rism sec­tor in the fifth cen­ten­nial of its foun­da­tion is ac­tually all about.

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