Juan Car­los Mo­ra­les


A Mo­ra­les le apa­sio­nan las mi­to­lo­gías del Ecua­dor. Su in­ves­ti­ga­ción de las ‘bru­jas vo­la­do­ras’ lo lle­vó a la Aca­de­mia Na­cio­nal de His­to­ria. Se define co­mo poe­ta pe­ro es mul­ti­fa­cé­ti­co (mú­si­co, his­to­ria­dor, fi­ló­so­fo, ges­tor cul­tu­ral); in­can­sa­ble de su tie­rra, es usual mi­rar­lo en­tre to­ros de pue­blo o cas­ti­llos, do­cu­men­tan­do Im­ba­bu­ra.

Pas­sio­na­te about the country, par­ti­cu­larly about its myths – his in­ves­ti­ga­tion in­to the ‘fl­ying wit­ches’ now rests in the Aca­de­mia Na­cio­nal de His­to­ria. He de­fi­nes him­self as a poet, but he is in truth a man for all sea­sons: mu­si­cian, his­to­rian, phi­lo­sop­her, cul­tu­ral mo­ve­rand-sha­ker. You’ll find him in the thick of the lo­cal bull­fight or amid the fi­re­works of the cas­ti­llos.

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