Ana G. Me­ri­zal­de


Jo­ven en­tu­sias­ta y com­pro­me­ti­da con su ciu­dad, tie­ne el re­to de de­jar tra­za­do y en­ca­mi­na­do el plan mu­ni­ci­pal de tu­ris­mo de Iba­rra. En­tre sus rin­co­nes fa­vo­ri­tos de Im­ba­bu­ra, es­tán el la­go de Yahuar­co­cha, su ciu­dad, su mon­ta­ña, vis­tos des­de Alo­bu­ro; su de­bi­li­dad, ves­tir fal­das zu­le­te­ñas, pa­ra bai­lar en los San Jua­nes.

Com­mit­ted with all her youth and in­te­lli­gen­ce to her city, she’s cu­rrently wor­king on the Mu­ni­ci­pa­lity’s mas­ter­plan for the de­ve­lop­ment of tou­rism in Iba­rra. She lo­ves ex­plo­ring her pro­vin­ce, see­king out its la­kes, streets, moun­tains and peo­ple. She has a weak spot for dres­sing in skirts and gol­den-bead nec­kla­ces from Zu­le­ta and dan­cing San Jua­nes.

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