Ro­sen­do Ja­ra


Am­plio co­no­ce­dor de la his­to­ria lo­cal y con­tem­po­rá­nea, Ro­sen­do ha for­ja­do una vi­da lle­na de éxi­tos per­so­na­les y pro­fe­sio­na­les. Hoy, su ma­yor de­sa­fío es con­ser­var la be­lle­za de las tie­rras don­de de­ci­dió es­ta­ble­cer­se en San Isi­dro, cer­ca de Cui­co­cha. Ro­sen­do ha si­do un gran apor­te gra­cias a su co­no­cie­mien­to, le­yen­das y sa­be­res.

A man with broad know­led­ge of lo­cal as well as con­tem­po­rary his­tory, Ro­sen­do has sha­ped a li­fe full of per­so­nal and pro­fes­sio­nal suc­ces­ses. To­day, his grea­test cha­llen­ge is pro­mo­ting con­ser­va­tion in the lands, which he has de­ci­ded to call ho­me, San Isi­dro, near Cui­co­cha, con­tri­bu­ting with le­gends and his li­fe’s know­led­ge to this is­sue.

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