Pa­co Mon­ca­yo


Co­mo to­dos los al­cal­des dig­nos de ser re­cor­da­dos, Pa­co Mon­ca­yo, quien fue pro­ta­go­nis­ta de la re­cu­pe­ra­ción del Qui­to His­tó­ri­co, co­no­ce su ciu­dad de me­mo­ria. Gra­cias a un ameno mo­men­to con él, el equi­po sa­lió con nue­vos co­no­ci­mien­tos que re­sul­ta­ron vi­ta­les al mo­men­to de rea­li­zar es­ta edi­ción. Li­ke all good Ma­yors, Pa­co Mon­ca­yo knows his city. Just how well wasn’t per­haps evi­dent to us be­fo­re we as­ked him to sit down and sha­re his know­led­ge and in­sights. The man who pla­yed a key ro­le in the trans­for­ma­tion of the ca­pi­tal’s Old Town pos­ses­ses a wealth of un­ders­tan­ding and a deep sen­si­bi­lity for his city.

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