Xi­me­na Es­cu­de­ro


Xi­me­na es una de las his­to­ria­do­ras de ar­te más im­por­tan­tes de Ecua­dor. Ha pa­sa­do gran par­te de su vi­da en con­ven­tos, mo­nas­te­rios e igle­sias co­lo­nia­les, es­cri­bien­do in­nu­me­ra­bles li­bros so­bre su pin­tu­ra y es­cul­tu­ra. Com­par­tió su gran co­no­ci­mien­to pa­ra es­ta edi­ción. Xi­me­na ranks among Ecua­dor’s most im­por­tant li­ving art his­to­rians. She has spent a lar­ge part of her li­fe among the con­vents, mo­nas­te­ries and chur­ches, wri­ting in­nu­me­ra­ble books about the city and the country’s art and scul­ptu­re. She sha­red her know­led­ge ge­ne­rously with us for this is­sue.

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