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The­re is no doubt that hotels are an es­sen­tial part for tra­ve­lers to ma­ke and shape las­ting me­mo­ries. It goes wit­hout sa­ying that they are the star­ting point for plan­ning an ad­ven­tu­re. They are vi­tal for a trip to be prac­ti­cal, re­gard­less of the mo­ti­ve –vacation, tou­rism, bu­si­ness-. For the third con­se­cu­ti­ve year, ABOR­DO re­com­mends 100 hotels th­roug­hout the Four Worlds of Ecua­dor; 100 rea­sons to tour the na­tion from north to south, east to west. Pre­pa­re your bags and ready your emo­tions, be­cau­se the­re are op­tions for ad­ven­tu­re lo­vers, for tho­se who look for the class and com­fort of big ci­ties, for in­di­vi­duals who de­light in the de­tails of bou­ti­que hotels, for peo­ple who pre­fer co­lo­nial sty­le, or for tho­se who want to es­ca­pe and en­joy a rest at the beau­ti­ful ha­cien­das or eco lod­ges.

Anot­her form of tou­ring the country cen­ters on di­ver­se cui­si­ne. With ca­me­ra in hand and an in­sa­tia­ble ap­pe­ti­te, we tra­ve­led to Car­chi, Im­ba­bu­ra, Azuay and Lo­ja along­si­de Me­sa­be to bring you 15 dis­hes. This cu­li­nary le­gacy re­veals pro­found tra­di­tions of the country, which are worth han­ding down ge­ne­ra­tion to ge­ne­ra­tion. This rich and di­ver­se Ecua­dor re­sul­ted in ‘All you need is Ecua­dor’, a oneof-a-kind tou­rism cam­paign spear­hea­ded by the Mi­nistry of Tou­rism, and va­rious de­tails and re­cords of its first sta­ge are gat­he­red in this edi­tion as proof of its suc­cess. Fi­nally, du­ring this ti­me of ci­ne­ma­tic im­por­tan­ce, we ta­ke a look at Da­ko­ta John­son, a new ac­tress that wan­ted to start her ca­reer with one of the big­gest ro­les. Being the star of 50 Shades of Gray has brought about cha­llen­ges, con­flicts and suc­cess. We of­fer 50 facts about her li­fe. En­joy your trip.

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