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its in­cep­tion, the Ecua­do­rian air­li­ne has main­tai­ned fleet mo­der­ni­za­tion po­li­cies and pro­ces­ses, as fun­da­men­tal con­di­tions for bu­si­ness de­ve­lop­ment. The ac­qui­si­tion of mo­dern air­craft, Air­bus , Em­braer and ATR ty­pe, has allo­wed TAME EP to ob­tain in­ter­na­tio­nal cer­ti­fi­ca­tions and open new rou­tes for pas­sen­gers. Th­roug­hout our corporate his­tory, we ha­ve prio­ri­ti­zed sa­fety at every sta­ge of air ope­ra­tions, th­rough our staff’s work, com­mit­ment, and ac­coun­ta­bi­lity both on land and in the air . Cu­rrently, the Ecua­do­rian air­li­ne has IOSA sa­fety cer­ti­fi­ca­tion gran­ted by the In­ter­na­tio­nal Air Trans­port As­so­cia­tion (IATA ) af­ter a tho­rough au­dit of the ma­na­ge­ment sys­tem . With cer­ti­fi­ca­tions li­ke this we can fly to coun­tries that ha­ve strict air­wort­hi­ness stan­dards. With this we of­fer our pas­sen­gers the bac­king of a com­pany with high sa­fety stan­dards. Our pi­lots are frontli­ne pro­fes­sio­nals. The high-le­vel training they re­cei­ve is part of both the ru­les of glo­bal avia­tion com­pa­nies and the Ecua­do­rian na­tio­nal le­gis­la­tion fra­me­work. TAME EP ta­kes ad­van­ta­ge of the country’s air­port in­fras­truc­tu­re; we are an ef­fi­cient and mo­dern air trans­por­ta­tion al­ter­na­ti­ve that reaches des­ti­na­tions in­si­de the country and abroad. Much of the pres­ti­ge of our air­li­ne is clo­sely lin­ked to their ope­ra­tio­nal sa­fety.

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