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TAME EP, the open skies po­licy is not­hing but be­ne­fi­cial. Ho­we­ver, the pu­blic prac­ti­ce of li­be­ra­li­zing air trans­por­ta­tion is not­hing new to the avia­tion in­dustry. Ecua­dor is sig­na­tory to the Con­ven­tion on In­ter­na­tio­nal Ci­vil Avia­tion (al­so known as the Chica­go Con­ven­tion), which high­lights the im­por­tan­ce of sa­tisf­ying the needs of peo­ples of the world to en­su­re sa­fe, re­gu­lar, ef­fi­cient, and cost-ef­fec­ti­ve air trans­por­ta­tion and to grant each sig­na­tory country an equal op­por­tu­nity to ex­plo­re in­ter­na­tio­nal air trans­por­ta­tion mar­kets. For TAME EP, the air­li­ne of the Ecua­do­rian peo­ple, this is good news, sin­ce by ex­clu­ding ca­bo­ta­ge, which re­fers to do­mes­tic flights wit­hin the con­ti­nen­tal te­rri­tory, the com­pany can set in mo­tion its en­ti­re ope­ra­tion to sa­tisfy the de­mand for do­mes­tic flights. With the arri­val of fo­reign ope­ra­tors and the sub­se­quent in­crea­se in air traf­fic, this will cer­tainly be­co­me qui­te ne­ces­sary. Ta­king an in­ter­na­tio­nal view, the si­tua­tion means a cha­llen­ge for TAME EP, sin­ce we will un­doub­tedly need to in­ten­sify ef­forts to en­su­re our com­pe­ti­ti­vity in the mar­ket reali­ties that lie ahead.

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