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What do you want f or Egy pt i n 2016?

I want all Egyp­tians to fo­cus on their own jobs. Since 2011, ev­ery­one has been con­cen­trat­ing on pol­i­tics and con­spir­acy the­o­ries, crit­i­ciz­ing with­out pre­sent­ing so­lu­tions, and protest- ing. My spe­cific wish is that the peo­ple in charge of tourism do their job prop­erly to bring tourists back. It’s per­haps the one thing that will ben­e­fit Egypt the most while not re­quir- ing money to be spent. We have ev­ery­thing to at­tract tourists here and now.


Tamima Ga­mal, 30, house­wife

I want Egypt to be rid of the ex­trem­ist ide­olo­gies that have spread in re­cent years and re­sulted in so much death and de­struc­tion. Those ide­olo­gies were never part of Egypt’s soci- etal fab­ric, so I be­lieve it should be easy to elim­i­nate them. If we can mostly erad­i­cate th­ese ide­olo­gies, Egypt’s fu­ture will be more promis­ing than ever.

Mah­moud Ga­mal, 68, re­tired army gen­eral

I really wish God would show Pres­i­dent Ab­del Fat­tah el Sisi the right path for im­prov­ing Egypt. All the things wrong now are a re­sult of the wrong peo­ple sur­round­ing him. They are un­able to share and ex­e­cute his vi­sion for Egypt. Sisi is Egypt’s one and only hope for a bet­ter fu­ture. He has united Egyp­tians un­der the same flag, now ev­ery­one must fol­low their con­science in ev­ery­thing that they do, or else Egypt is doomed.

Ab­del Rah­man Mo­hamed, 47, street ven­dor

It’s all about hard and hon­est work. Ev­ery­one just needs to fo­cus on do­ing their jobs. And when there are elec­tions, we need to re­search each can­di­date thor­oughly and choose them wisely. They will be making de­ci­sions on our be­half, so we need to trust them and trust the ma­jor­ity that elected them. Egypt will never im­prove as long as ev­ery­one wastes their en­ergy and time crit­i­ciz­ing what the other does.

Zeinab Has­san, 38, hu­man re­source man­ager

Right now, I don’t understand or trust any­thing the gov­ern- ment has been do­ing or say­ing. What I want for Egypt in 2016 is for the right peo­ple to make all the right de­ci­sions to make Egypt a bet­ter place, and also for the peo­ple ex­e­cut­ing their plans to do their job cor­rectly.

Khadiga Rashid, 42, house maid

I really want the gov­ern­ment to do what they prom­ise. They need to im­prove ev­ery­one's lives, not just im­prove the lives of the rich. I also wish that tourism would come back. I used to sell sou­venirs in the af­ter­noons, but now there are no tourists, and I lost the ex­tra in­come that I re­lied on.

Hamdy Taw­fik, 28, of­fice boy

I want all the highly skilled Egyp­tian ex­pats who left to pur- sue ca­reers in other coun­tries to come back. Now Egypt needs them, and they need to be put in de­ci­sion-making po­si­tions. This is the only way for Egypt to move for­ward, with young Egyp­tians who have knowl­edge and skills, and ev­ery­one else be­liev­ing in their po­ten­tial and sup­port­ing their vi­sions. We can’t im­prove as long as we have de­ci­sion makers who came from within the sys­tem. They don’t know any bet­ter.

Tamer Yassin, 35, econ­o­mist

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