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TBSIf Dunkin’ Donuts was hard to ac­cess, The Bak­ery Shop is hard to miss. There are out- lets all over the place AND it de­liv­ers. It doesn’t spe­cial­ize in dough­nuts, but it does have seven op­tions—six raised rings with var­i­ous top­pings and one “sugar and jam” dough­nut. The con­sis­tency falls some- where be­tween cake and raised, mostly soft and airy but bor­der­ing on dry in some pieces. One col­league ques­tioned the fresh­ness, even though we or­dered at 9 a.m. The dough was suit­ably bland, leav- ing the ic­ings—three dif­fer­ent choco­lates, caramel, white and tra­di­tional glazes—to carry the day. My pref­er­ence: the chocolate glazed, darker yet lighter than the brown and white choco­lates. The “sugar and jam dough­nut” is not a Bis­marck with fill­ing; it’s a jam sand­wich with store-bought jam. We were not im­pressed. An Egyp­tian col- league dis­dain­fully de­scribed TBS fare as “an Egyp­tian­ized version of dough­nuts. They feel more fa­mil­iar to my taste­buds,” he added dryly.

Price: LE 9 – LE 11.50 per dough­nut, de­pend­ing on type.


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