Kings­ley uses the 2013 Landy Fes­ti­val as a launch pad for his African ex­pe­di­tion.

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IL’K GFDy aHHJGHJAaLe LhaL we MKe Lhe Landy Fes­ti­val as our launch pad for the ex­pe­di­tion, as 5 000 Land Rover eFLhMKAaKLK wADD : e LheJe LG KeFd MK Gff.

Ex­plorer, hu­man­i­tar­ian and au­thor Kings­ley Hol­gate, de­scribed by many as the most trav­elled man in Africa is no stranger to the Land Rover fra­ter­nity. Kings­ley will be mak­ing an ap­pear­ance at the 2013 Landy Fes­ti­val where he’ll be ac­tively cam­paign­ing Project Rhino be­fore em­bark­ing on his next African ex­pe­di­tion. We get Kings­ley’s thoughts on Iz­intaba Zobombo, sav­ing the rhi­nos and why Land Rovers are the pre­ferred ve­hi­cle for the African ex­plorer.

Tell us about your lat­est planned ex­pe­di­tion.

For XearR HS haR beeM a Cream of mHMe So SeKK She fuKK RSorX of She faRBHMaSHMF Lubombo raMFe of mouMSaHMR – aM area rHBh HM VHKCKHfe, arBhaeoKoFX aMC foKkKore. The IzHMSaba 9obombo EWOeCHSHoM VHKK aKKoV juRS ShaS. DeOarSHMF RhorSKX afSer She 2013 LaMCX Fes­ti­val, this is a 90- day hu­man­i­tar­ian, ge­o­graphic and con­ser­va­tion ex­pe­di­tion that VHKK Sake uR ShrouFh Shree AfrHBaM BouMSrHeR, from HSR hHRSorHB RSarSHMF OoHMS HM She MorSh of She KruFer NaSHoMaK Park So 9uKuKaMC’R GhoRS Moun­tain in the south. But we have some more auSheMSHB LaMC 1over jourMeXR uO our RKeeve HM She Mear fuSure, Ro Xou’KK MeeC So watch this space.

Why use the Landy Fes­ti­val 2013 as a launch pad for your ex­pe­di­tion?

The IzHMSaba 9obombo EWOeCHSHoM VHKK be a LaMC 1over- baReC jourMeX HM a fleeS of DHRBoverX 4R aMC a De­feMCer, VhHBh VHKK be the hu­man­i­tar­ian sup­ply mother­ship. It is oMKX aOOroOrHaSe ShaS Ve uRe She 2013 LaMCX FeRSH­vaK aR our KauMBh OaC for She eWOeCHSHoM, aR 5 000 LaMC 1over eMShuRHaRSR VHKK be Shere So ReMC uR off. We have aKVaXR haC FreaS RuOOorS aMC FooCVHKK from our LaMC 1over frHeMCR HM aCveMSure.

Wha7T6 7h( 6, g1, fi­ca1c( of the Project Rhino fundraiser at the Landy Fes­ti­val?

1hHMo OoaBhHMF RSaSHRSHBR HM AfrHBa have beBomHMF frHFhSeMHMF. ThHR HR aKRo VhX Ve are do­ing an ex­pe­di­tion closer to home, link­ing the Iz­intaba Zobombo Ex­pe­di­tion to the BoMRer­vaSHoM of She rhHMo. SouSherM AfrHBa is home to the last re­main­ing pop­u­la­tions of VhHSe aMC bKaBk rhHMo, She oMKX SVo rhHMo ROeBHeR ouS of She five re­maHMHMF HM She VorKC ShaS have a fiFhSHMF BhaMBe of RurvH­vaK. We need to work to­gether to en­sure they do. The eWOeCHSHoM VHKK RuOOorS Pro­jeBS 1hHMo through an anti- rhino poach­ing aware­ness BamOaHFM; She haMCover of a fuKKX equHOOeC aMSH- OoaBhHMF LaMC 1over De­feMCer; She re­fur­bHRh­meMS of aM aMSH- rhHMo OoaBhHMF BamO aS HKaSHkuKu HM She Lubom­boR; aR VeKK aR She haMCover of equHOmeMS aMC kHS So aM aMSH- OoaBhHMF uMHS. To raHRe fuMCR, Ve HMvHSe feRSH­vaK- Fo­erR So make a CHf­fer­eMBe HM She fiFhS against rhino poach­ing by vis­it­ing us at the LaMCX FeRSH­vaK, aMC OKeCFHMF 1300 SoVarCR She OurBhaRe of She muBh- MeeCeC, fuKKX kHSSeC aMSH- rhHMo OoaBhHMF LaMC 1over De­feMCer. IM SurM, Xou aCC Xour RHFMaSure So She LaMCX oM CHROKaX aS She feRSH­vaK. ThHR VHKK aKKoV aM auSoFraOheC OhoSoFraOh VHSh mXReKf aMC She firRS Mame ouS of She Pro­jeBS 1hHMo boW FeSR She oOOorSuMHSX So joHM me aMC mX Seam on the next ex­pe­di­tion. Oth­ers will stand She BhaMBe of VHMMHMF a ReS of CooOer SXreR, , eKvHKK aMC , ooM ReaS BoverR, 20 ruM­Mer- uO OrHzeR of , eKvHKK aMC , ooM/ Pro­jeBS 1hHMo ROare VheeK BoverR aMC OrHzeR from NHkoM, 4W4 , eFaVorKC aMC CaOe UMHoM , arS.

Are you sur­prised at how Africa smashed the World Record for the big­gest con­voy of Land Rovers last year?

The LaMCX FeRSH­vaK HR a FreaS VaX So BeKe­braSe LaMC 1overR aMC She Ba­ma­raCerHe amoMF SheHr oVMerR. IS’R MoS RurOrHRHMF ShaS AfrHBa RmaRheC She VorKC reBorC aFaHM. IM 2007, Ve eWOerHeMBeC firRS- haMC She OaRRHoM LaMCX oVMerR’ have for SheHr ve­hHBKeR VheM Ve KauMBheC She 448- CaX AfrHBa . uSRHCe ECFe eWOeCHSHoM CeOarSHMF from She CaOe of GooC HoOe. We maMaFeC So RmaRh She VorKC reBorC for She bHFFeRS BoMvoX of LaMC 1overR baBk SheM. ThHR SeamVork bX LaMCX oVMerR juRS FoeR from RSreMFSh So RSreMFSh – con­grat­u­la­tions to all in­volved. What makes Land Rover such an ap­pro­pri­ate ve­hi­cle for African adventures? LaMC 1over haR aKVaXR beeM mX ve­hHBKe of choice, and has never missed a beat, even in She SouFheRS BoMCHSHoMR. LaMC 1over ve­hHBKeR have taken me and my team along the en­tire ouSKHMe of AfrHBa ShrouFh 33 BouMSrHeR aMC BomOKeSeC a RouSh So MorSh jourMeX from She CaOe of GooC HoOe So AKeWaMCrHa aMC She mouSh of She NHKe. ThHR VaR foKKoVeC bX an east to west cross­ing along the Zam­bezi aMC CoMFo 1HverR HM She fooSRSeOR of earKX eWOKor­erR LHvHMFRSoMe aMC SSaMKeX, aMC SheM a RerHeR of jourMeXR rouMC She VorKC foKKoVHMF She TroOHB of CaOrHBorM. TheRe ve­hHBKeR have RurvHveC She muC RKoFR of CamerooM aMC Var- SorM LHberHa HM She raHMX ReaRoM, She FreaS Sa­hara DeR­erS, She DaMakHK CeOreRRHoM HM MorSh- eaRSerM EShHoOHa aMC AR­RaK, She KoVeRS OoHMS oM She AfrHBaM BoMSHMeMS. Wher­ever our ge­o­graphic and hu­man­i­tar­ian ad­ven­ture SakeR uR, LaMC 1over haR Mever KeS uR CoVM, al­low­ing us to go above and be­yond.

What do you think of a ded­i­cated Land Rover AFRICA mag­a­zine to be launched in South Africa?

We aKK kMoV ShaS She hearSbeaS of LaMC 1over HR HM , ama AfrHBa – She KHMFRKeX Hol­gate ex­pe­di­tion team wishes Land Rover AFRICA ev­ery suc­cess.

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