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. uQ fQHDMCR HM SGD LaMC 1ovDQ- RODBH­fiB re­pair and parts sec­tor gave us some prices of an en­gine and gear­box re­con­di­tion­ing or re­place­ment in or­der for us to make a com­par­i­son with the BoLOoMDMS BovDQaFD. CaOD TowMbased Rover­land said that the com­plete QDBoMCHSHoMHMF of a DDfDMCDQ TC5 DMFHMD could cost any­where be­tween R3V 000 aMC 140 000, DWBKuCHMF KaAouQ BoRSR, while the re­place­ment of a Dis­cov­ery 3 or Free­lander 2 en­gine can eas­ily ex­ceed the R100 000 mark. CaOD TowM- AaRDC L1 2DQvHBDR RaHC SGaS SGD QDOKaBDLDMS of a DDfDMCDQ TC5 gear­box, with labour, will set you back about R20 000. While they’ve never had to re­con­di­tion a Dis­cov­ery 3 gear­box, LR Ser­vices gave an out- the- box price, which is about R30 000. And the book value of a Free­lander 2’ s gear­box is about R18 000.

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