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We chat­ted to: Plan: : KDW GRHV LW Rf­fHU? 2oMIa VHKIoDM, F&( LaMaFDQ LaMC 1ovDQ Lim­popo

Mo­tor­Mend Auto Aid TGD DDfDMCDQ faKKR uMCDQ , oSoQ- DQHvD 6 – R8 V00 cover for the en­gine and R6 000 BovDQ foQ SGD FDaQAoW. TGD DHRBovDQy faKKR uMCDQ , oSoQ- DQHvD 3 – 130 000 cover for the en­gine and R20 000 for the FDaQAoW. TGD FQDDKaMCDQ faKKR uMCDQ SGD , oSoQ- DQHvD 2 OKaM – uMKHLHSDC BovDQ oM the en­gine and the gear­box. DDfDMCDQ – 17 905; DHRBovDQy – 19 605; FQDDKaMCDQ – 110 495

Cov­er­ing all the bases

Don’t let a loop­hole in your main­te­nance plan pull up the hand­brake on your next weekend ad­ven­ture. In­no­va­tion Group’s . OSHoMaK LaMC 1ovDQ EWSDMCDC 2DQvHBD aMC Care Plan is the ul­ti­mate full house prod­uct. TQDvoQ vaM 1DMRAuQF, aRRHRSaMS DWDBuSHvD of sales for In­no­va­tion Group’s au­to­mo­tive di­vi­sion, says that this ex­tended main­te­nance plan in­cludes the ex­tended war­ranty and ser­vice plan, “but Land Rover own­ers can aKRo ADMD­fiS fQoL HSR BoLOQDGDMRHvD wDaQ ‘ M tear com­po­nent cover.” All new Landy ve­hi­cles in­clude an oQHFHMaK, aKK- DMBoLOaRRHMF fivD- yDaQ main­te­nance plan, but In­no­va­tion Group’s . OSHoMaK LaMC 1ovDQ EWSDMCDC 2DQvHBD and Care Plan is a proper ex­ten­sion of that, cov­er­ing your ve­hi­cle af­ter the orig­i­nal war­ranty has ex­pired.

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