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TGD K@ K@ G@ QH HR MNS @ QD@ K CDRDQS, AuS Q@ SGDQ a wa­ter scarce stretch of land where only the most en­dur­ing and well- adapted an­i­mal @ MC AHQCKHED B@ M AD ENuMC. TGNuR@ MCR NE spring­bok and gems­bok roam the fos­silised river val­leys of De­cep­tion and Pas­sarge. In win­ter, they split into smaller herds and con­cen­trate near tree is­lands on the FQ@ RR OK@ HMR HM SGD v@ KKDy, NQ @ S SGD @ QSH­fiBH@ K wa­ter­holes at Sun­day Pan and Piper Pan. A re­mark­able va­ri­ety of rap­tors and vul­tures @ MC @ J@ KDHCNRBNOD NE BNKNuQEuK V@ xAHKKR, tit­bab­blers, Kala­hari robins, crim­son­breasted shrikes and white- browed spar­row weavers ac­com­pany you in the val­leys and in camp. B@ S- D@ QDC ENxDR @ QD OKDMSHEuK, GuMSHMF ENQ in­sects in the yel­low grass. At night they visit camp, pos­si­bly to see if you left a morsel for them, re­spect­fully stay­ing at the perime­ter NE SGD KHFGS. $ KDF@ MS FHQ@ ffD KNNJ CNVM @ S you from a dune, or feed peace­fully on a KNMD @ B@ BH@ HM SGD v@ KKDy. TGD AQNVM GyDM@ HR RGy @ MC CHR@ OOD@ QR quHBJKy HM SGD FQ@ RR af­ter cross­ing the road. A honey badger CHFR @ GNKD MDxS SN SGD QN@ C. LNMF- KDFFDC, grace­ful and in a hunger- fu­elled hurry, a chee­tah moves over Piper Pan in search of a spring­bok to chase. A wilde­beest hur­ries SNV@ QCR SGD V@ SDQ, NMKy SN AD RB@ QDC Nff Ay some­thing no one else sees, in­clud­ing the gems­bok and spring­bok drink­ing there. 5HDVR EQNm SGD B@ mORHSDR @ QD m@ FMH­fiBDMS, over­look­ing the pans and val­leys with their tree is­lands. Vis­it­ing Piper Pan is a must, not only be­cause of the am­ple game, but also be­cause you camp vir­tu­ally on the pan, not far from the wa­ter­hole. Watch­ing a full moon rise over the pan, and lis­ten­ing to a soli­tary lion roar­ing as it roams the dunes, weaves you into the fab­ric of Africa.

Sub­sis­tence in the semi- desert

Most of the camp­sites have pit la­trines and a shel­ter to be used as a shower, with a zinc pail, tap and shower head. TGD OQNAKDm HR SG@ S yNu @ QD KHmHSDC HM the vol­ume of wa­ter you can take along, es­pe­cially when solo­ing. We had a 60- litre S@ MJ HM SGD L@ MCy, RuOOKDmDMSDC Ay 12L NE ANSSKDC V@ SDQ, @ MC @ MNSGDQ 15L DmDQFDMBy RSNBJ. 6D uRDC NMKy 55L NE V@ SDQ ADSVDDM the two of us for drink­ing, wash­ing, BNNJHMF @ MC CHRGV@ RGHMF – DMNuFG SN fiKK just one- third of a stan­dard bath.

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