Mak­ing short work of a Landy re­build

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A while back, I bought a Se­ries IIA short­wheel base. It was a bit of a hy­brid when I got it, and I wanted it to be as close to the orig­i­nal as pos­si­ble af­ter its restora­tion. When I bought it, it was a sta­tion wagon and HM @ vDQy ONNQ BNMCHSHNM. TN QDO@ HQ SGD V@ FNM was more than my bud­get al­lowed and I had SN BNMRHCDQ SGD @ mNuMS NE SHmD @ MC Df­fNQS HS VNuKC S@ JD SN QDRSNQD SGHR vDGHBKD. TG@ S V@ R VGDM @ KHFGS AuKA flHBJDQDC HM my GD@ C, and I de­cided to con­vert this shorty into a TQuBJ C@ A. TGD GuMS V@ R NM SN fiMC @ KK SGD com­po­nents I needed. TGD S@ HKF@ SD @ MC v@ QHNuR NSGDQ O@ QSR ENQ SGD bin came from Klipriv­ier in Gaut­eng, and the cab parts came from Rosetta in KwaZulu-@ S@ K. TGHR B@ A V@ R HM @ ONNQ RS@ SD @ MC HS SNNJ many hours of graft and long nights to re­pair to make it pre­sentable. Sourc­ing the glass V@ R @ MNSGDQ GD@ C@ BGD, AuS 1NA LDHmDQR L@ MC Rover Spares in Rand­burg came to the res­cue. TGD EQNMS FQHKK @ MC SGD RDS- uO NE SGD EDMCDQR had been changed to repli­cate the Se­ries III. TGHR V@ R @ KK QDmNvDC @ MC SGD 2DQHDR (( mHCCKD RDBSHNM VHSG SGD HMMDQ KHFGSR V@ R fiSSDC. TGD fend­ers were stripped and the head­lights S@ JDM NuS @ MC AK@ MJR fiSSDC. F@ HM, O@ QSR B@ mD EQNm 1NA LDHmDQR VHSG SGD GDKO NE War­ren Vos – th­ese guys re­ally helped out when I was stuck. TGD DMFHMD V@ R vDQy SHQDC; SG@ S V@ R RSQHOODC and re­built. When it was done, it ran smoothly KHJD @ / E@ ff RDVHMF m@ BGHMD. TGD AQ@ JDR, CQumR, lin­ings, cylin­ders and pipes were all re­newed. I fiSSDC 11- HMBG CQumR SN SGD A@ BJ, VGHBG GDKODC with the brak­ing. All spring and shackle bushes were re­placed and par­a­bolic springs were fiSSDC @ S SGD A@ BJ. - DV RGNBJR @ MC QuAADQR VDQD fiSSDC @ MC SGD SHD QNC DMCR @ MC SGD pit­man as­sem­bly were com­pletely re­placed. TGD AD@ QHMF HM SGD A@ BJ CHff @ MC RD@ KR @ KK @ QNuMC SGD vDGHBKD VDQD QDOK@ BDC. TGD OQNO RG@ ESR G@ C MDV ROKHMDR fiSSDC @ MC SGD U- INHMSR VDQD fiSSDC @ MC A@ K@ MBDC. TGD BG@ RRHR V@ R gal­vanised and all ac­ces­si­ble bolts and nuts were re­placed with gal­vanised/ cad­mium OK@ SDC ANKSR, MuSR @ MC V@ RGDQR. TGD fiQDV@ KK, HMRHCD CNNQ O@ MDKR, A@ BJ AHM, flNNQ O@ MDKR, RD@ S ANxDR @ MC BNvDQR VDQD @ KK QuAADQHRDC. TGHR not only helped pro­tect the metal, but it also helps to cut down road noise and all kinds of rat­tling sounds. TGD DMSHQD vDGHBKD V@ R QDO@ HMSDC @ RG@ CD NE dark green, no longer the hor­ri­ble baby blue HS V@ R ADENQD. TGD O@ HMS INA V@ R O@ QSHBuK@ QKy tricky be­cause I had to choose days with­out wind to min­imise any chance of dust set­tling on the new paint­work. ( DvDMSu@ KKy RNKC SGHR L@ MCy, @ MC SGD m@ M who bought it from me seemed very happy VHSG HS. TGD DMSHQD OQNIDBS SNNJ @ ANuS fivD mNMSGR SN BNmOKDSD, EQNm RS@ QS SN fiMHRG. I work from home, on my own, so even fetch­ing a tool or a spare part takes a con­sid­er­able amount of time. I’m very happy with the out­come and it was worth all the months of hard graft.

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