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who joined shortly af­ter­wards. Mar­ius pub­lished the club’s out­ings in the lo­cal MDVRO@ ODQ NM @ QDFuK@ Q A@ RHR. TGD BKuA or­gan­ises at least one out­ing per month, with driver train­ing.


TGD LNVvDKC BG@ OSDQ BNMRHRSR NE 62 QDFHRSDQDC mDmADQR. TGD BKuA BNvDQR SGD LNVvDKC @ QD@ R, AuS G@ R INHMDC NuSHMFR VHSG SGD m@ HM BKuA @ R E@ Q @ fiDKC @ R 2V@ YHK@ MC. TGD BKuA HR NODM SN @ KK L@ MC 1NvDQ NVMDQR, ir­re­spec­tive of which prov­ince they re­side in, and any club mem­bers from any chap­ter @ QD VDKBNmD SN INHM SGDHQ NuSHMFR. TGD NMKy QDquHQDmDMS ENQ MDV mDmADQR HR SG@ S SGDy abide with the club’s code of con­duct and, of BNuQRD, CQHvD @ L@ MC 1NvDQ. TGD BKuA NQF@ MHRDR QDFuK@ Q NuSHMFR, @ MC com­bines the out­ings with driver train­ing @ MC RODBH@ K DvDMSR ENQ HSR mDmADQR. TGD mNRS re­cent out­ing was a trip to the beau­ti­ful and his­tor­i­cal Eureka City in Au­gust. Ac­cord­ing to Jaco, those who at­tended thor­oughly en­joyed the trip, which jour­neyed across the Barberton Green­stone Belt, with its an­cient QNBJ ENQm@ SHNMR. TGHR mNMSG, SGD BKuA VHKK re­visit Shan­don, near Nel­spruit.

Fundrais­ers and char­i­ties

TGD LNVvDKC BG@ OSDQ HR BuQQDMSKy HMvNKvDC VHSG the Chil­dren’s Rhino Art Project in con­junc­tion with renowned African trav­eller and au­thor Kings­ley Hol­gate and SANParks, as part of KHMFRKDy’R ( YHMS@ A@ 9NANmAN DxODCHSHNM. TGD DxODCHSHNM HR @ QGHMN ON@ BGHMF @ V@ QDMDRR cam­paign that in­cludes kids’ soc­cer games and ed­u­ca­tion ses­sions. Art is used as a way to raise aware­ness of con­ser­va­tion and the plight of rhi­nos among lo­cal com­mu­ni­ties sur­round­ing M@ SHNM@ K O@ QJR SG@ S @ QD @ ffDBSDC Ay ON@ BGHMF.

Driver train­ing

TGD LNVvDKC BG@ OSDQ’R CQHvDQ SQ@ HMHMF @ MC tech­ni­cal talk sem­i­nars are headed up by ) NG@ M 2HOODK, @ M Dx- OQNCuBDQ NE 5@ S4 2@ E@ QHR NM SGD KyJ-$ T SDKDvHRHNM BG@ MMDK. HD GNKCR the nec­es­sary ac­cred­i­ta­tions from level one SN CQHvDQ BNmODSDMBy. TGD BKuA G@ R GNRSDC RHx VDKK-@ SSDMCDC RDRRHNMR SGHR yD@ Q @ MC )@ BN says that he is glad to see how many ladies at­tend the driver train­ing ses­sions.

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