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TGD , T2 HR - HSDCNQD’R 280 KumDM DMSQy KDvDK S@ BSHB@ K @ MC NuSCNNQ SNQBG. ( S’R Rm@ KK yDS QNAuRS @ MC QuMR NM 2 x AA bat­ter­ies ( recharge­able AA rec­om­mended for longer QuMSHmD). ( E yNu @ QD RSuBJ HM SGD C@ QJ, SGHR 15 Bm GHFG- qu@ KHSy, air­craft- grade alu­minum tool will save the day. Beam dis­tance is rated at 115 m with four bright­ness lev­els SN BGNNRD EQNm. TGD 2.2 @ MC RSQNAD EuMBSHNM JDDO SGD KHNMR at bay. Ce­lesti on 082 825- 8442, e- mail sales@ nitecoresa. co. za or visit www. nitecore. co. za

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