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If you’ve ever vis­ited the fa­mous Flug­tag or any wake­board com­pe­ti­tion in South Africa, you LHFGS GavD ROoSSDC FooC oK’ ! DSSD – a se­ri­ously mean- look­ing beast of a ma­chine with an even meaner sound sys­tem. Bette, a LaMC 1ovDQ DDfDMCDQ 130 TC5, HR oMD of Red Bull’s promotional events ve­hi­cle, and a real head- turner. Peo­ple are of­ten left open mouthed, gaz­ing in amaze­ment at this Landy’s en­ter­tain­ment ca­pa­bil­i­ties. TGHR SGQDD- SoM ADaRS wHSG HSR RSQHJHMF LaSS black paint job and tinted win­dows looks KHJD a U2 LHKHSaQy RSoQL SQooODQ. MC wHSG a roar­ing 2. V L diesel mo­tor and a mas­sive set of 3V inch mud ter­rain BF Goodrich tyres, she might come across a bit in­tim­i­dat­ing. Who would dare to stand in its path when it’s roar­ing at 120 km/ h down the road? It’s when she re­veals her ac­ces­sories, that this party- starter looks less threat­en­ing and more invit­ing. TGD RouMC DPuHOLDMS oM ! DSSD HR PuHSD DWSQaoQCHMaQy: a CQowM K2 aLOKH­fiDQ, Swo speak­ers and 18 inch sub­woofer, two DJ turnta­bles, two CDJs, three mix­ers, one 16 chan­nel mix­ing desk and one cord­less 2GuQD LHBQoOGoMD. TGaS’R DMouFG RouMC equip­ment to get the whole of South Africa jam­ming to Rooi Rok Bokkie. ! DSSD aKRo of­fDQR RODBSaSoQR aMC AyRSaMCDQR an im­pres­sive vis­ual ex­pe­ri­ence. An ex­ter­nal pro­jec­tion sys­tem, which in­cludes a 30 000 lu­men pro­jec­tor and rear pro­jec­tion screen ( which slides out from the rear of the ve­hi­cle) al­lows for a / Kay2SaSHoM oQ KaOSoO GooJ uO – a FQDaS way to en­ter­tain bored guests. M HMSDQMaK flHO- CowM LCD RBQDDM GaR been in­stalled on the pas­sen­ger side of SGD vDGHBKD. TGHR GaR ADDM CDRHFMDC Ro SGD pas­sen­ger can play PlayS­ta­tion or watch DVDR. TGD HMSDQHoQ aKRo fDaSuQDR a RuQQouMC RouMC RyRSDL foQ LaWHLuL Df­fDBS. FoQ a vDGHBKD wHSG LoCH­fiBaSHoMR of this mag­ni­tude to re­main op­er­a­tional, it re­quires a de­cent elec­tri­cal power sup­ply and on- board bat­tery sys­tem. Bette is equipped with an in­cred­i­ble 16 12V AaSSDQy AaMJ aMC Swo HMvDQSDQR ( 12 – 220V). TGD DMSHQD RyRSDL HR QuM Ay aM uMHMSDQQuOSaAKD OowDQ RuOOKy ( U/ 2) aMC wHSG SGD LDQD flHBJ of a RwHSBG, SGD OowDQ sup­ply is turned on. When full sys­tems are run­ning, Bette gets 12 hours of us­age; and with half- sys­tems run­ning, gets 30 hours of us­age. Her load­ing abil­ity is equally im­pres­sive. Bette’s back load box has space for the RODaJDQR, Swo SuQMSaAKDR HM- flHFGS BaRDR OKuR any ex­tra lug­gage the driver and pas­sen­ger might have. Bikes, boards and other Red Bull ap­parel can be car­ried on the back as long as it is tied down. TGD QDaQ RDaSR wDQD QDLovDC So LaJD way for the sound equip­ment box with SGD SuQMSaAKDR, LHWDQR aMC CD) R. TGHR AoW BaQQHDR Swo GDavy CuSy RKHCHMF SQayR. TGD door be­hind the driver has been con­verted to a gull wing door which piv­ots on two GyCQauKHB aQLR. TGD RKHCHMF SQayR OuKK ouS foQ a quick and easy set- up.

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