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Retailers threaten to sue MNOs over mobile line sales ban

- By Mohamed Alaa El- Din

Egypt’s Communicat­ion and Mobile Syndicate ( CMS) threatened to sue the three mobile network operators ( MNOs)— Vodafone, Etisalat, and Orange— if they do not compensate mobile phone retailers after the National Telecommun­ications Regulatory Authority ( NTRA) banned sales of new mobile lines through distributo­rs as of March.

The syndicate has granted the three MNOs a grace period until 20 March to settle the issue before it takes legal measures against them.

Chairperso­n of CMS, Mohamed AlMahdi, said that the NTRA’s decision to limit sales of phone lines to 50 per month was issued two months ago, not- ing that the syndicate asked the MNOs to intervene and defend their rights but they argued that they were also affected by the NTRA’s decision.

Al- Mahdi justified the MNOs’ delay in settling the issue with the mobile market’s saturation as there are more than 100 million subscriber­s of mobile services in addition to the recent launch of the fourth mobile operator “We”, which will decline mobile line sales significan­tly.

He noted that the NTRA’s decision was actually for the benefit of the MNOs, ridding of the burden of retailers, even though he demanded the mobile operators compensate the distributo­rs who incurred heavy expenses in the past period to make their shops meet the conditions of mobile operators.

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