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Europe pushes back against Donald Trump’s proposed steel and aluminium tariffs


DW— The European Union has said it will introduce retaliator­y measures against the US plans to impose steel and aluminium tariffs. The World Trade Organisati­on ( WTO) and Internatio­nal Monetary Fund ( IMF) have voiced their concerns over US President Donald Trump’s threat of a trade war.

European Commission President Jean- Claude Juncker on Fri- day accused US President Donald Trump of exhibiting “war- like behaviour,” after Washington announced it would impose punishing tariffs on steel and aluminium imports.

According to news agency Reuters, EU officials began drawing up a list of $ 3.5bn- worth of US goods that would be subject to a 25% tariff.

The list includes typically American goods such as bourbon and blue jeans, to Harley Davidson motorcycle­s.

“We are here and they will get to know us,” Juncker said. “We would like a reasonable relationsh­ip to the US, but we cannot simply put our head in the sand.”

The Commission also insisted that any retaliator­y measures would comply with rules set out by the WTO.

According to European steel associatio­n Eurofer, the US was the destinatio­n of about 15% of Europe’s steel exports in 2017. US steel, by comparison, only made up 1% of EU steel imports.

The IMF also warned on Friday that Trump’s tariffs would damage the US and global economies.

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