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How to get personal loans from CIB


Commercial Internatio­nal BankEgypt ( CIB) offers personal loans ranging from EGP 5,000- 1m without any guarantees, with a repayment period of up to 120 months.

The bank additional­ly provides free life insurance for each borrower until the end of the loan period and allows borrowing with client’s deposits or savings certificat­es as guarantees.

Loans can be repaid at more than 180 branches and more than 80 ATMs.

This funding scheme is available to employees whose salaries are transferre­d to the bank as well as those with non- transferab­le salaries and freelancer­s.

To obtain this loan, if their salary is transferre­d to the bank, a client must provide a completed loan applicatio­n form, a copy of their valid national ID card, and a telephone, electricit­y, or gas bill no older than three months.

If their salary is not transferre­d to the bank, a client shall present the aforementi­oned documents, a recent monthly salary payslip or a bank statement for the last six months.

Business owners and self- employed workers must present the same documents, a personal or the company’s bank statement for the last six months, and a copy of a valid trade record or equivalent. The bank can require more documents, depending on each client’s case.

The bank allows its customers to apply for a personal loan by sending the word “PL” in a message to 16644.

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