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Murals depicting ancient Egyptian civilisati­on cover Airport Road


Aiming to make them the first thing tourists see when they land in Cairo and the last thing they lay their eyes on before leaving it, a group of applied arts students launched a new initiative to create murals that tell famous stories of the pharaonic era.

Under the name “Lawen Hayatak” ( Colour Your Life), tens of talented students started the initiative, which was met with wide acceptance from the Nozha Municipali­ty of Cairo.

The initiative aims to draw several murals on the Autostrad, the main road from and to Cairo Internatio­nal Airport, where they depict the most famous stories from ancient Egyptian civilisati­on, through well- known symbols and Egyptian hieroglyph­ics. The students started their work on Friday and it will last for several days.

The municipali­ty helped the founders by supplying them with the needed materials in order to decorate the long road with murals that reminds passengers of the civilisati­on that continues to surprise the world with new discoverie­s.

The initiative was supported by Cairo’s governor, Atef Abdel Hamid, who coordinate­d with the students, after he previously coincident­ally saw them drawing a mural in a previous local initiative. Local media called that mural an appropriat­e image representi­ng Egypt’s civilisati­on to the world.

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