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Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosts political consultati­ons with Brazil


The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held political consultati­on meetings with Brazil, during which the two countries focused on discussing regional issues and updates on the situation in the Latin American region.

The officials of both sides discussed Egypt’s prominent role in the region, such as efforts to revive the Middle East peace process, as well as the situation in Syria, Libya, and the Gulf.

The Egyptian side was headed by Reda Habib, while the Brazilian side was headed by Fernando Abreux, undersecre­tary of state for Middle East and Africa affairs.

The ministry said that the political consultati­ons between Egypt and Brazil are a mechanism of review for their overall bilateral relations and that there is great attention given to the developmen­t of free trade relations, especially in light of the free trade agreement between Egypt and the Mercosur trade bloc. It further stressed on the importance of continued cooperatio­n and joint coordinati­on in all forums to work together towards efforts of building internatio­nal peace and security.

Egypt and Brazil have longstandi­ng ties that extend to the 19th century, when Egypt welcomed the visiting Brazilian Emperor Tom Bodo VIII in 1876. There was a rapprochem­ent in the 1950s and 60s between the two countries in the context of political movements such as the Non-Aligned Movement and economic movements such as the Group of 77.

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The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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