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Prosecutor general orders blocking sites hosting Blue Whale app

- By Mohamed Abdel Maged

Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek issued a decision to assign the National Telecommun­ications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) to take action to block websites that allow users to install the applicatio­n the Blue Whale, which has led some young people to self-harm.

The decision comes as the games is considered dangerous, as it targets young people by requiring them to follow instructio­ns and various stages that involve harming themselves or their families, at times leading to cases of suicide and murder, said a prosecutio­n statement. It added that the circumstan­ces make the matter one of national security and one of the highest interests of the country.

Sadek further assigned the NTRA to provide the prosecutio­n with informatio­n on local sites that may have contact with the external sites that host the Blue Whale game, and to work with internet service providers to block those external sites in Egypt.

The Egyptian Parliament previously submitted an urgent request calling upon the minister of communicat­ions and informatio­n technology to take action against the recent spread of “dangerous electronic games.” Meanwhile, Egypt’s religious and government­al body, Dar Al-Iftaa, posted a YouTube video on its official page declaring the BlueWhale game as forbidden in Islam by saying that it has many elements that make it religiousl­y prohibited.

Egypt has witnessed three cases of suicide in the past few days related to the game, including Khaled El-Fakharani, the son of former lawmaker Hamdi El-Fakharani.

 ??  ?? Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek
Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek

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