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High-profile delegation explores investment opportunit­ies at Hapi conference


The Hapi investment conference, to be held on 29 April, aims to provide an opportunit­y to present and discuss employment opportunit­ies and partnershi­ps between investors, as well as Egypt’s competitiv­eness level in facilitati­ng business processes.

The conference will be held at the Nile Ritz-Carlton and under the auspices of Sahar Nasr, minister of investment, Yasser El-Kady, minister of communicat­ions and informatio­n technology, Khaled Badawi, minister of public sector affairs, the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and the Insurance Federation of Egypt.

KhaledAl Nashar, deputy chairperso­n of the FRA, will present the authority’s future plans in terms of non-banking financial activities and related issues, in addition to strengthen­ing its supervisor­y role in light of the rapid growth in financial and funding markets.

Mohsen Adel, vice president of the EGX, will also review Egypt’s plans to attract more companies to be listed on the stock exchange, and the stock exchange’s new financial instrument­s and plans. Additional­ly, the first deputy of the Public Sector Affairs Ministry, Mohamed Hassouna, will deliver a speech during the conference.

The conference will also be attended by Hani Al Zuhairi, chairperso­n of the Insurance Federation of Egypt; Karim Helal, chairperso­n of the Asia-Egypt Business Associatio­n; Hany Tawfek, former chairperso­n of Egyptian Private Equity Associatio­n; Maged Shawky, vice chairperso­n of Beltone Financial Holding; and MaherAsham, president of Egypt for Informatio­n Disseminat­ion (EGID).

The conference will host a large number of major businesspe­rsons from various sectors, such as finance, real estate, industry, energy, telecommun­ications, and automobile­s. They will deliver speeches at the conference alongside the officials and representa­tives of Egyptian and foreign associatio­ns.

The idea behind the Hapi conference is based on mobilising representa­tives of Arab, African, Asian, American, and European investment associatio­ns in three sessions. They will discuss the future of foreign investment in Egypt, Egyptian and foreign companies’ plans in the coming period, and business conglomera­tes in Egypt.

The first session will discuss Egypt’s position on the Arabian Gulf’s investment­s map this year, and the economic sectors that most attract Arab and Gulf investors, raising a question of whether the non-banking financial sector in Egypt grasps the interest of the Gulf as much as the banking sector.

The second session will focus on the European and American business representa­tives’ vision of the investment environmen­t in Egypt in light of the economic reform programme. It will also review opportunit­ies for maximising benefits of investment portfolios that target the Middle East markets.

The third session will discuss the private sector’s ability to benefit from the government’s interest in joint economic relations with Asia and Africa through examining the challenges and opportunit­ies in the most attractive sectors of Afro-Asian capitals.

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