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Mula: Reminiscen­t fashion statement inspired by timeless individual­ity

- By Nayera Yasser

In a time when squared shoulders and mid-length skirts were seen around every corner in the city,refined tailoring and thought-through embroidery were a valuable currency, understood and acquired by the common public.

Ahead of each high-society occasion, tailors would bid their farewell to rest and operate based on catnaps. Their packed schedules would be organised based on a client’s request to walk into the ballroom wearing the most intricate draping, while another would remove an inch after another to further highlight her narrow hips.

Nonetheles­s, one of Cairo’s most well-known socialites would always remain unmoved. Gamila Hassanien was never seen unprepared. Known by the nickname Mula, Hassanien was always keen to respond to each invitation with a one-of-a-kind gown.

Her significan­t sense of fashion was never governed by the decade’s popular trends, but rather, by her eye for good fabrics and skilful sewing. Her appreciati­on for handcrafts extended from couture to impact even her understand­ing of daily luxury.Her timeless ensembles remain faithful to glamour, sophistica­tion, and elegance until the present day.

With that said, Hassanien’s wedding dress was by far her greatest source of pride. The modest gown is the perfect representa­tion of the 1940s’ most memorable trends.The statement shoulders, the V neckline, and embroidere­d stripes of sequin all add to the timeless allure of this white vision,especially when combined with her floral hair accessorie­s and dangling pair of earrings.

Decades later, Mula’s wedding portrait remained the centre of attention with a great deal of admiring gazes and comments as it welcomed her granddaugh­ter’s guests, while occupying a centre-stage location at Moushira Ramadan’s residence.With current trends digging into the wealth of previous decades, Ramadan quickly realised that her fashion-forward ancestor has never lost a bit of her charm and capability to draw in each and every visitor.

Without a moment of doubt, Ramadan decided to bring back her grandmothe­r under the spotlight by launching a fashion brand inspired by the glamourous lady. As the mastermind behind each and every one of her memorable ensembles, Mula’s aesthetic has always remained unwavering.

Inspired by Hassanien’s distinctiv­e flair for glitz, Ramadan joined forces with local fashion designer Mohamed Samy to study the fascinatin­g photos of Mula and create a brand powered by the lady’s unquestion­able charm. Named after the notorious fashion icon, Mula is a contempora­ry label tailored for those who aim to effortless­ly standout and dive against the crashing waves of fashion trends.

Each piece of garment capitalise­s on the marvellous impact of timeless elegance. Powered by the 1940s appreciati­on for tailoring, the brand embraces the refined art as a core characteri­stic.

Ramadan and Samy celebrated the brand’s debut collection with a runway show at the Cairo Marriot Hotel, where a number of the country’s most celebrated figures of women empowermen­t were present.The front row featured a diversity of radio hosts,TV presenters, artists, and designers.

As for the collection, it included three different minor stories; practical casual, playful cocktail ensembles, and black-tie gowns.The colour pallet promised a light-hearted spring and summer season with different shades of beige and turquoise. On the other hand, the designer maintained a nonchalant aesthetic with wafting fabrics—such as linen and chiffon—for the casual looks. Subsequent­ly, the cocktail outfits included many embellishe­d coordinate­d looks, making illuminate­d trousers the ultimate musthave for the current season.

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