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Mercedes-Benz debuts S560 locally

- By Mohamed Aboulfotou­h

Global automaker Mercedes-Benz has revealed its latest S-Class car, the S560, which embodies Mercedes-Benz’s slogan:“the best or nothing.”

The new car has a sleek and sophistica­ted exterior design, along with an interior design that adds more luxury, richness, and ruggedness to the astonishin­g car.

The engine is completely new and developed, and is considered one of main features of the car.The assisted driving systems of the car are deemed a real leap towards the concept of self-driving.

Additional­ly, the front of the car has multibeam LED headlights,with an ultrarange that allows the car to turn the dark into a bright morning.

This system is one of the exclusive systems distinguis­hing the car’s exterior design.The front also has a strong sportive-looking bumper and a road surface scan feature to scan the roads surroundin­g the car to detect bumps.

The car’s interior contains two 12.3inch display screens; both work as one large screen that distinguis­h the look of the dashboard.

The luxurious dashboard shows the most precise details through a highqualit­y craftsmans­hip. Combining the colours of materials in the interior of the car also adds more sophistica­tion. Mixtures between grey and magma, brown and espresso, and brown and mahogany have added a special flare.The interior lighting includes 64 colours, with lighting also included in the Burmester sound system of 1520 watts capacity.

The car is also equipped with Magic Body Control and the Curve function.

The car’s energising system for comfort control is the first system of its kind in the world.The system mixes various comfort features, such as AC control, light control, massaging, and air fresheners, allowing passengers to control and select the options that suit their needs.

There are six levels of physical comfort to choose from on the road.They include freshness, warmth, vitality, joy, comfort, and training.

The S-Class S560 is powered by a twinturboc­harged V8 engine with a capacity of 469hp and a torque of 700 Nm.This enables the car to go from 100 km/h in only 4.6 seconds.This engine is also one of the most economical turbocharg­ed engines in terms of fuel consumptio­n, as it consumes 10% less fuel compared to the preceding model.

The S-Class car is one of the most luxurious cars, embodying the concept of self-driving, taking Mercedes-Benz’s smart-driving system to unpreceden­ted levels.The new package for assisted driving systems includes the active proximity assist, active braking assist, cross-traffic function, active blind spot assist, active steer assist,and active emergency stop.All these systems cooperate together to provide a unique and enjoyable driving experience.

 ??  ?? Vehicle has a road surface scan feature to scan roads and detect bumps
Vehicle has a road surface scan feature to scan roads and detect bumps

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