Peo­ple say dream big, but one Egyp­tian wo­man be­lieves first work hard, then dream big


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There are cur­rently sev­eral unique ideas de­signed for en­gage­ment and wed­ding cer­e­monies, as the cel­e­bra­tions them­selves be­come more elab­o­rate and mod­ern. Since the be­gin­ning of the cer­e­mony re­mains the most im­por­tant part, a 24-year-old fe­male broke with tra­di­tional rites of cel­e­bra­tion, launch­ing ‘Kosha Tale’, the first voiceover pro­ject for wed­dings and en­gage­ments which pro­duces an au­dio track for cou­ples’ fairy­tale fes­tiv­i­ties by mix­ing her voiceover with songs and comedic parts from films, as well as pre­sent­ing the most im­por­tant char­ac­ter­is­tics of the bride and groom’s per­son­al­i­ties.

Hence, Daily News Egypt in­ter­viewed Yousra Taw­fik, the founder of Kosha Tale, to dis­cover more about her jour­ney with Kosha Tale, the ser­vices that it pro­vides, in ad­di­tion to the chal­lenges that she faced in her jour­ney.

No­tably, Taw­fik grad­u­ated from the fac­ulty of Mass Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, the English sec­tion, Cairo Univer­sity. Since she was a child,Taw­fik used to re­ceive feed­back from her friends and fam­ily that her voice was cheer­ful, there­fore she de­cided to utilise her voice in her Kosha Tale pro­ject.

Mak­ing peo­ple happy is Kosha Tale’s goal

Taw­fik started nar­rat­ing to DNE her jour­ney with Kosha Tale by stat­ing that that her dream since she was a child was to be a ra­dio pre­sen­ter.

“I used to close my room door, al­low­ing no one to en­ter,writ­ing a pa­per for them that I am on air.Ac­cord­ingly record­ing au­dios has been my hobby since I was child,” she said with a glint in her eyes.

“When two of my close friends got en­gaged, and I wanted to pre­pare for them some­thing to show them how much I was happy for them and that I loved them, es­pe­cially since both the bride and the groom were my friends,I started think­ing of any non-tra­di­tional way to make them happy. Every­one else were cre­at­ing col­lages with pic­tures for them or writ­ing posts for them on Face­book. How­ever, I told my­self I know that the best thing I am good at in life is speak­ing into the mi­cro­phone, so let me record their fairy­tale love story and then I pub­lished the track on my ac­count on Face­book,” Taw­fik hap­pily re­counted.

She then con­tin­ued to say that sur­pris­ingly she found that the track went vi­ral on Face­book and that it re­ceived very pos­i­tive feed­back, even from peo­ple that she did not know, not­ing that what also made her happy at that pe­riod in time was that the cou­ple used the track in the open­ing ser­vice of their en­gage­ment cer­e­mony.

“The sit­u­a­tion passed, and I did not re­ally think deeply that I could use this suc­cess and trans­form it into a pro­ject.Then,fol­low­ing my grad­u­a­tion from mass com­mu­ni­ca­tion in 2016, I ap­plied to work as a ra­dio pre­sen­ter in dif­fer­ent in­sti­tu­tions,how­ever I was re­jected due to my lack of work­ing years of ex­pe­ri­ence,” she re­vealed a tan­gi­ble prob­lem which fresh grad­u­ates presently face.

“At the same time, an­other two of my friends got en­gaged, so then I also de­cided to record their fairy­tale story in a track,but this time I con­sid­ered launch­ing a pro­ject for wed­ding voiceovers.I started it in­Au­gust 2016, and I called it as Kosha Tale” she re­called with a smile on her face.(Kosha in Ara­bic means an elab­o­rately dec­o­rated bride and groom set­tee which they lounge in dur­ing the wed­ding cer­e­mony)

Con­cern­ing the name Kosha Tale, Taw­fik said she choose the name as it clearly ex­presses the con­cept of the bride and groom dur­ing the cer­e­mony,‘Kosha’, in ad­di­tion to the stor ytelling, ‘Tale’.

She men­tioned that the idea it­self is strange, so she wanted to ex­press it in a straight­for­ward name to con­vey the idea sim­ply.

Af­ter that, she de­clared, she launched a Face­book page,and put the track on the page, in­di­cat­ing that she was sur­prised by how fast the track spread.

Taw­fik re­marked that this pro­ject’s main goal from is to spread hap­pi­ness among peo­ple,call­ing at­ten­tion to the fact that she was send­ing an in­di­rect mes­sage through this pro­ject to fresh grad­u­ates that through hard work they can cre­ate pro­fes­sional work if they get the chance or op­por­tu­nity.

In terms of mar­ket­ing, Taw­fik ar­tic­u­lated that her only cur­rent mar­ket­ing chan­nel are the shares of her tracks by her friends and fam­ily on so­cial me­dia, re­veal­ing it as the power of so­cial me­dia.

Taw­fik noted that KoshaTale tracks reached over 50,500 plays on sound cloud un­til now, and that the Face­book page at­tained 7,500 likes.

Taw­fik thinks out­side the box

Taw­fik voiced that she ex­panded her pro­ject to in­clude pre­sent­ing the cou­ples’ fairy­tale story through a sand draw­ing show in wed­ding or en­gage­ment cer­e­monies.

She stated that she co­op­er­ated with a man who drew on sand and pre­sented a live show in wed­ding and en­gage­ment cer­e­monies the cou­ples’ fairy­tale story through draw­ing it on sand, with Taw­fik’s voiceover in the back­ground.

“I al­ways ex­press that I act in Kosha Tale like a tai­lor who cus­tomises the cou­ples’ sto­ries, there­fore I thought about hav­ing the sand draw­ing as it is very per­son­alised art,” she ex­plained fur­ther.

“Ev­ery cou­ple al­ways see that their story is dif­fer­ent from any other cou­ple, and this is true as their love story with its de­tails will never be re­peated, while the first song or show could be re­peated in any cer­e­mony, that is why I think this what dis­tin­guishes my pro­ject, and ac­cord­ingly I think that I am a de­signer who ad­justs the track ac­cord­ing to the cou­ple’s unique story,” she claimed.

“The sand draw­ing idea came to me when my brother got mar­ried to Rus­sian wo­man.Their story is di­verse as she is from Rus­sian and he is from Egypt and now both of them live in Ger­many.They both met in Ger­many but then they got mar­ried in Den­mark. Their story in­cludes sev­eral lan­guages and coun­tries, and this in­spired me to cre­ate for them a track. How­ever, I re­alised the bride will not un­der­stand the Ara­bic lan­guage as well as the part of the films or songs as she is not a na­tive Ara­bic speaker,” Taw­fik elab­o­rated.

At that mo­ment, Taw­fik de­cided to craft for them a sand draw­ing live show dur­ing their wed­ding as through this sand draw­ing the bride’s fam­ily and bride her­self will not mis­read Taw­fik’s sur­prise.

Most pow­er­ful love tale that Taw­fik lis­tened to

Through­out the two years that Taw­fik has been cre­at­ing count­less tracks for cou­ples, when dis­cussing the most pow­er­ful love story she heard,Taw­fik im­parted that it was the love story of Maha and Bas­sam.

She dis­closed that this cou­ple had an ac­ci­dent the night be­fore their weed­ing which led them both to en­ter the in­ten­sive care suf­fer­ing from se­vere in­juries. Of course, they de­layed their wed­ding for a year.

“Af­ter a year, they had their wed­ding cer­e­mony, but I changed the whole track to rep­re­sent their story through­out this year, ne­glect­ing the part be­fore the ac­ci­dent,” she said.

“Some­times we need to test our re­la­tion­ship to en­sure that our choice was right, by go­ing through dif­fi­cult times, but the test for this cou­ple came on the night be­fore their wed­ding,which made their story the most dif­fi­cult and pow­er­ful love story that I have come across through­out the two years,” Taw­fik com­mented.

Hu­man­ity is key set­ting be­hind the Kosha Tales set­tings

The Kosha Tale’s founder ad­mit­ted that in her work she most en­joyed the events that hap­pened be­hind the scenes. She re­al­ized how peo­ple love each other, and she also no­ticed that love is not only for lovers, but it also for friends, it is also for friends who may even love each other bet­ter than lovers,and for moth­ers or fa­thers who sac­ri­fice their lives for their chil­dren.

“Among the sit­u­a­tions that I can­not for­get, was when one day a fa­ther asked me to make a Kosha Tale track for his seven-year-old daugh­ter. I replied that Kosha Tale is for cou­ples. I was ac­tu­ally very sur­prised when I learned that he wants to cre­ate for his daugh­ter from such a young age a Kosha Tale since he and his wife are very old peo­ple so per­haps they are not sure if they could live long enough to wit­ness their daugh­ter on her wed­ding day, so they want to cre­ate for her a Kosha Tale track from now to ex­press to her in it how much they love her,and they wanted to leave with her this mo­ment,” she re­called.

She also re­mem­bered an­other sit­u­a­tion when a bride asked Taw­fik not to men­tion the price of the Kosha Tale ser­vice to her groom, so as to de­crease the wed­ding costs for him, af­firm­ing that if he knew the real price of the ser­vice he would def­i­nitely pay it, but she wanted to cut down the costs for him.

Taw­fik added that cus­tomers need to re­serve for the ser­vice two months be­fore the cer­e­mony, but un­for­tu­nately once be­fore a bride called her ask­ing to re­serve be­fore the wed­ding with a very short no­tice pe­riod, thus she apol­o­gised to her and told her she could not crate the track in that short time.

What Taw­fik could not for­get was when she found one of the bride’s friends call­ing her, of­fer­ing to help her as she worked in ex­change for Taw­fik cre­at­ing the track, just to make her friend happy.

“At that time, I re­alised how can peo­ple of­fer to do any­thing, just to make their beloved ones happy,” she said with a cheer­ful smile.

Kosha Tale changes its founder’s opin­ion on love

Each job af­fects its em­ploy­ees, im­pact­ing the views and opin­ions, as so­ci­ety around em­ploy­ees con­stantly sways them, but in Taw­fik’s case, she is sur­rounded by the love en­ergy of the cou­ples that could in­flu­ence her opin­ions and views on the topic of love.

This ex­actly what hap­pened with Taw­fik af­ter lis­ten­ing to dif­fer­ent cheer­ful and painful love sto­ries that ended with mar­riage: she com­pletely changed her mind­set about the topic of love.

“Be­fore Kosha Tale, when I lis­tened to any love story, I would re­call the im­age of the heroic prince or white knight in fairy tales who of­ten rides a white horse and that will make the world shine bright and make all my wishes come true. But af­ter lis­ten­ing to dif­fer­ent sto­ries, I re­alised that love is in the de­tails that we see in nor­mal daily rou­tines,and that now af­ter lov­ing some­one we love this daily rou­tine just be­cause our sig­nif­i­cant other is present in these de­tails,” she lov­ingly said.

She phrased that love is when you love your life,just be­cause of the pres­ence of your sig­nif­i­cant other, even if these de­tails are not the best ones.



Chal­lenges and as­pi­ra­tions

Taw­fik di­vulged that at first she faced many chal­lenges in­clud­ing tech­ni­cal prob­lems such as not know­ing how to pro­duce a pu­ri­fied sound, nor how to edit the voiceover in or­der to mix it with song, among oth­ers.

She pro­fessed that she over­come these prob­lems by tak­ing classes,au­di­tions, cour­ses, work­shops, in ad­di­tion to re­sort­ing to YouTube to find out step-by-step how to do every­thing she needed to learn to do.

On that note, she con­veyed that she kept try­ing to de­velop her voice through work­shops, cour­ses, and that she tried to lis­ten to ev­ery tiny feed­back,with the aim of im­prov­ing her­self through the feed­back she re­ceived.

She also noted that she is one of the lucky ones, as she has a very sup­port­ive fam­ily and a sup­port sys­tem of friends, giv­ing an ex­am­ple that her mother who works as a jour­nal­ist used to help her with her opin­ion in the scripts.

“On the an­niver­sary of Kosha Tale, my friends sup­ported me by col­lect­ing all the feed­back that Kosha Tale re­ceived and printed them on two charts, and hung them in my room,“She said hap­pily.

“There are many times when I felt down and stressed, but I al­ways over­came this feel­ing through the love of my fam­ily and friends. Pre­vi­ously, I had left the me­dia ca­reer and worked in a well re­puted in­sti­tu­tion, look­ing for sta­bil­ity.Ac­tu­ally I found sta­bil­ity, but I missed be­ing me.Thus, this made me leave that job and re­turn back to KoshaTale,de­spite re­ceiv­ing a very good per­for­mance ap­praisal,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“I will never stop do­ing what I love. I aim to ex­pand Kosha Tale ser­vices, and I plan to make it even more com­pre­hen­sive with voiceovers to cover dif­fer­ent mo­ments-not just wed­dingswed­dings will be just a sec­tion,but I will add to it for ex­am­ple birth­days, baby show­ers, and more,” she de­clared.

Taw­fik fi­nally con­fided that Kosha Tale is merely a step­ping stone on the path to­ward her big dream that she is work­ing to­ward which is to be­come a ra­dio pre­sen­ter.

Yousra Taw­fik, Kosha Tale`s Founder

Kosha Tale tracks achieved more than 50,500 plays on sound cloud un­til now

Kosha Tale pro­vides cou­ples with voiceover track on CDS

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