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Egypt condemns Israel’s constructi­on of new settlement units in East Jerusalem

- By Sami Hegazi

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned, on Monday, an Israeli tender for the constructi­on of 1,257 new settlement units in occupied East Jerusalem, describing it as a violation of internatio­nal legitimacy and the relevant Security Council resolution­s.

Ahmed Hafez, the Foreign Ministry’s Spokespers­on, expressed deep concern over what these policies will lead to in terms of underminin­g the opportunit­ies to achieve the twostate solution to the Palestine- Israel conflict.

He added that such decisions will result in further isolation of East Jerusalem from the rest of Palestinia­n territorie­s, and will disrupt efforts to achieve security and stability in the region.

On Sunday, Israel issued a tender prospectus for the constructi­on of 1,257 settlement units in the “GivatHamat­os” neighbourh­ood, southeast of Jerusalem, days after the approval of building other 108 settlement units in the “Ramat Shlomo” neighbourh­ood in the same area.

Ari King, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, welcomed this step, considerin­g that building the neighbourh­ood as quickly as possible is a strategic and Zionist mission of the first degree, and will cut off the Arab connection between Beit Safafa and Beit Lahm.

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