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cult world? Do you shy away from the present feel­ing in­ca­pable of di­rect­ing your en­ergy into cre­at­ing a bet­ter now? Are you in con­stant pur­suit of seek­ing your hap­pi­ness in a fu­ture that may never come? What is the power of your thoughts at­tract­ing into your life? What are you per­pet­u­ally cre­at­ing? Peace, joy and well­be­ing or un­hap­pi­ness frus­tra­tion and de­spair?

The Law of At­trac­tion is al­ways work­ing, whether we believe it or not.

The truth is we live in a uni­verse that is in a con­stant state of mo­tion and we as the hu­man race are part of that cre­ative process. As a part of God force, we are also cre­ators and we cre­ate our lives with our thoughts.

The law of at­trac­tion states that what­ever thoughts you are hold­ing in your mind, you are at­tract­ing to you. The rel­e­vant ques­tion here is what are you at­tracted to?

When your thoughts con­tin­u­ally fo­cus on what you don’t want, you will surely at­tract more of the same.

The prob­lem with most of us is, we are con­stantly think­ing about what we don’t want and get con­fused and up­set when it keeps show­ing up. We ex­press this gen­er­ally through worry! Oh I’m wor­ried about money or my child or my job or my fill in the blank. Ac­tu­ally there is noth­ing noble about worry. Con­stant worry is cre­at­ing harm­ful stress on the mind and body. See your­self with the good you de­serve believe it’s pos­si­ble for you and have the Faith to know it is there.

The Law of At­trac­tion states what you think about most you at­tract. One of the most im­por­tant guide­lines to know­ing what you are at­tract­ing into your life is your emo­tions. How are you feel­ing? Feel­ing good, keep­ing a good thought is so im­por­tant. There are only two types of emo­tions re­ally we call them all kinds of things, but the bot­tom line is, you ei­ther feel good or you feel bad.

If you’re think­ing about at­tract­ing a bril­liant new job and you keep fo­cus­ing on, and speak­ing about how un­happy and dis­em­pow­ered your cur­rent job makes you feel, you are defini­tively on the wrong track. When you speak about your life do it in a pos­i­tive con­text. Words have power, and can set not only the tone of your in­ten­tion but of your whole reality.

At­tract­ing what you want comes about through in­ten­tion, sim­ply put this means fo­cus­ing on what you want, in­tend­ing it, feel­ing you de­serve it, and be­liev­ing it has al­ready hap­pened. A thought holds an elec­tri­cal charge or a vi­bra­tion. That vi­bra­tion sends out a sig­nal to cre­ation help­ing you to man­i­fest your de­sire.

Ev­ery thought you think is a Cre­ation. Whether that thought is pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive.

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