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5,0( Minister Cleopas Dlamini disappoint­ed many when he said conditions in the kingdom were not yet conducive for the national dialogue to be held.

The head of government told Parliament the unpreceden­ted violence that has engulfed the country and the killing of people created an unfavourab­le environmen­t for dialogue.

He was presenting Cabinet and public service performanc­e reports when he said this.

Dlamini said government still believed that only dialogue could guarantee a peaceful and sustainabl­e solution that will ensure that the safety and welfare of all emaSwati, including the youth, is secured without any further loss of life.

These were really fancy words that were likely to give the nation hope.

However, most commentato­rs believed that government was shifting the goalposts to avoid having the dialogue in the first place.

As a statesman, the PM should understand that the best part to talk about ending a war is during the war.

As we speak, talks to end the Russia-Ukraine war are being held.

It is from such discussion­s that ceasefires are called.

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