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Nadia, AKA’s final interview together


-2 A11( 5 Kiernan AKA’ Forbes and 1adia 1akai let the country into one of their homes and relationsh­ip in their first and last interview together in the most recent episode of The ,n sider A.

Filmed before the -ealousy’ hitmaker and his long time friend, Tebello Tib ’ 0otsoane, were gunned down in ur ban last week, the couple let viewers of the lifestyle show into their kitchen as they showcased their culinary skills and their love for each other.

The episode, which aired on 0onday evening, and repeats on unday at

pm, also featured other outh African favourite couples, such as -oshua and Alissa 0aistry and - tander and his wife, -ean 0arie 1eethling tander.

The couple prepared mac n’ cheese and mince, however, 1akai noted that she initially planned to prepare lasa gna, and added that she was better at making it.

he praised the famed rapper for being good at spicing meat, and he added that a lot of things he prepared were from his childhood and that he only got into cooking’ as he got older. ragga, as 1adia 1akai is also referred to, then opened up about their first date, saying it was at AKA’s house.

he added that he cooked, lit candles and he was very romantic’. The couple then shared their favourite activity be ing at home,’ they concurred.

2n how their love story started, 1a kai said they first met while she was working for ,con. AKA added that the relationsh­ip blossomed organicall­y’.

peaking about the matching tattoos they inked on their forearms in 1ovem ber, upa 0ega said he liked the idea because it’s for life’.

(xplaining the tattoos, AKA said “ o, it’s a sword, (xcalibur, which is the sword of King Arthur. And half of the face is a male lion, and the other half is a lioness, and when you put them to gether, you get the lion king and Tueen.

ast month, the couple travelled to the nited tates ahead of AKA’s

th birthday. 1akai said, wishing him a happy birthday “ appy irthday, my baby , love you so much. ou protect me so much And lift me up , learn so much from you every day And have the most fun with you ,’m so proud of you ou’re my blessing

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