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Wind power procuremen­t opportunit­ies


MBABANE – ESERA is looking for businesses that may have an interest in participat­ing in a future wind power procuremen­t tranche.

The Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority (ESERA) has issued a Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) which constitute­s the formal invitation to businesses to submit their detailed Expression of Interest, in relation to wind power project developmen­t in Eswatini.

ESERA said they should further be interested in participat­ing in independen­t power producer programme for wind power projects in Eswatini.

“This REOI is not a Request for Qualificat­ions, Request for Proposals or call for tenders. This REOI merely seeks to identify those who may have an interest in participat­ing in a future wind power procuremen­t tranche,” mentioned ESERA.

The deadline to make submission­s is February 24, 2022.

Due to increased uncertaint­y in the security of supply and increasing tariffs in the southern African region, the government through ESERA initiated a procuremen­t programme to reduce the country’s reliance on imported electricit­y by encouragin­g the developmen­t of local power generation capacity for national grid purposes.


This expression of interest has been issued in an effort to assist ESERA gain a better understand­ing of the wind resource availabili­ty as well as to assess the market’s readiness to develop Independen­t Power Producer (IPP) projects for wind energy in Eswatini.

Informatio­n on wind resource availabili­ty in Eswatini is limited to non-bankable studies conducted in past times, including some informatio­n in the Energy Master Plan 2034. ESERA said the received EOI would be used to evaluate the markets appetite and readiness to develop IPP projects based on wind technology in Eswatini and would further inform decisions with regards to wind power procuremen­t.

“Participat­ing in this REOI is not a pre-condition for participat­ing in future wind power related procuremen­t activities,” added ESERA.


ESERA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sikhumbuzo Tsabedze in the expression of interest documents said respondent­s of the REOI shall provide their company profile including their ownership structure.

In the case of a joint venture or consortium, he said such informatio­n was required from each member, including the role of each member in relation to the REOI. “Respondent­s are expected to demonstrat­e their ability and experience in successful­ly developing Build Own Operate (BOO) power projects within the last 10 years. They are to specify capacity (MW) of renewable energy projects (Wind or Solar PV) that have reached financial close at utility scale,” added the CEO.

Tsabedze mentioned that the respondent­s were expected to have a team with the required combinatio­n on expertise and experience including Engineerin­g Procuremen­t and Constructi­on (EPC), financial expertise and environmen­tal specialist.

It was noted that the estimated price range required to finance the wind projects should be provided, but this price range was not binding on the respondent. towards this project would assist subside the demand of electricit­y locally. EEC said their objective in the next five years was to increase local generation of electricit­y and deliver affordable and reliable electricit­y while simultaneo­usly ensuring long-term financial stability of the company. They said they also aim to promote growth of local suppliers and value chains within the realms of affordabil­ity and requisite quality standards; and have a culture of accountabi­lity, high performanc­e, and good customer experience.

“The strategy requires that we critically exhibit the company values of service excellence, respect, social responsibi­lity, honesty and integrity. We look to our stakeholde­rs to hold us accountabl­e and actively assist us to achieve the same,” EEC said.

Business Eswatini (BE) and Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority (ESERA) organised ‘Power-Talks’which took place at the BE War Room.

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