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High masts for crime control at Kwaluseni


MATSAPHA – Government has proposed to set aside E4 million for the installati­on of high masts at the crime infested Kwaluseni Constituen­cy.

The township recorded about 47 armed robbery cases, which took place at night, since the beginning of the year. This was revealed by Kwaluseni Member of Parliament (MP) Sibusiso Mabhanisi Dlamini and the police during a stakeholde­r meeting held at Matsapha Town Board conference room yesterday afternoon.

The MP said government had approved their request for high masts and said it would be done in stages because of the financial challenges it was facing. He said for now government proposed to finance the installati­on of high masts with E4 million.

However, he said government wanted assurance that the constituen­cy would maintain the high masts. In this regard, he said they agreed that the committee of the project would open a bank account so that community members and businesses could contribute towards the maintenanc­e of the high masts.


He said they had proposed that each house should pay E3 per year, while small businesses like Mobile Money (MoMo) outlets should contribute E10 per year. He said the proposal was that bigger businesses like supermarke­ts should contribute E100 per year. On the other hand, the police, who were part of the meeting, said the installati­on of the high masts would make them heave a sigh of relief, as most of the criminal activities that were reported to them took place at night.

The police service was represente­d by Sergeant Masilela, who said since the beginning of the year, about 65 criminal activities happened at night at Kwaluseni. He said the leading criminal activity was armed robbery.

Sergeant Masilela said there were 47 armed robbery cases which took place in areas under the constituen­cy. “People are robbed their valuables along the streets at night and the high masts would decrease the rate of crime because the robbers operate when it is dark,” the sergeant said.

He said they also recorded 11 rape cases which took place at night in the constituen­cy, while there were five murder cases. Sergeant Masilela added that copper theft cases were six. He said the high masts would make things easier for them and community police to patrol at night.

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