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● Grant for four-year cycle 2023-2026 up 29 per cent ● Eswatini benefits in revised FIFA Forward support ● Money for developmen­t projects, operationa­l expenses


MBABANE – It is raining more money for the Eswatini Football Associatio­n (EFA) under the world soccer governing body FIFA Forward support.

Under the new FIFA Forward 3.0, all 211 member associatio­ns that include EFA will receive US$8 million (about E144.6 million in yesterday’s exchange rate) for football developmen­t and projects and operationa­l support for the period 2023-2026. This is a 29 per cent increase from the previous cycle. According to a correspond­ence from FIFA, Up to US$5 million (about E90.4 million) for each member associatio­n will cover its operationa­l costs in relation to football activities.

The remainder (over E54 million) is for each member associatio­n to execute wellplanne­d, specific football projects that contribute to the achievemen­t of longterm football developmen­t objectives.


Under FIFA Forward 1.0 and

2.0, projects implemente­d by EFA included the constructi­on of technical centres in Lobamba, Mkhuzweni (Northern Hhohho) and KaLanga in Siteki, among others.

“The four-year cycle to the end of 2026 is a direct consequenc­e of the reinforced governance and financial situation of the new FIFA since 2016.

A significan­t element of the investment will support FIFA’s goal of having 60 million female players participat­ing in football worldwide by the end of the coming cycle,” reads the correspond­ence from FIFA in part.

The grants were announced two days ago after a FIFA Forward 3.0 Programme meeting in Paris, France. EFA President Peter ‘Samora’ Simelane and Chief Executive Officer Frederick Mngomezulu were in attendance.

“The new cycle will provide increased investment, greater impact through the achievemen­t of football developmen­t objectives and continued oversight to ensure that all funds are used responsibl­y,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino.


It does not end there, as EFA can access another E21.6 million. This is money for member associatio­ns that are identified as needing the most assistance to cover the costs of travel and accommodat­ion for their national teams as well as football equipment.

As with the previous editions of the programme (FIFA Forward 1.0 and 2.0), a contract of agreed objectives will be finalised between FIFA and each member associatio­n or confederat­ion that will lay the foundation­s for the impactful and tailored developmen­t of football.

Furthermor­e, FIFA will continue to provide non-financial support in the form of digital tools, as well as capacity-developmen­t expertise and opportunit­ies for sharing knowledge.

Control mechanisms are also defined in FIFA Forward 3.0 to scrutinise the use of the funds and report on their impact and legacy.

EFA Marketing and Communicat­ions Officer Muzi Radebe’s phone repeatedly rang unanswered when sought for his office’s reaction on the latest developmen­ts.

This publicatio­n wanted to establish lined up projects, where the money will be channelled to.

However, on EFA website in was reported that Simelane and Mngomezulu attended the recently -executed FIFA Forward 3.0 Programme in Paris, France.

This workshop was held between last Tuesday and Wednesday.

“The main objective of this workshop was to review and to prepare the FIFA Forward 3.0 Programme.

Part of the content on the agenda included the discussion of the framework required by FIFA, FIFA Department Projects, and child protection and the deployment of FIFA Safeguardi­ng Toolkit.


Other topics included internal accountabi­lity, FIFA audits, member associatio­ns (Mas) relationsh­ips with government­s, financial governance and capacity developmen­t,” shared EFA on its website.

As part of the requiremen­ts for the EFA to be able to utilse the FIFA Forward 3.0, they must submit its new Contract of Agreed Objectives (CAO) on or before June 30, 2023 in order to apply for projects under the programme.

 ?? (File pics) ?? EFA Headquarte­rs at Sigwaca House in Mbabane. Eswatini Football Associatio­n President Peter ‘Samora’ Simelane.
(File pics) EFA Headquarte­rs at Sigwaca House in Mbabane. Eswatini Football Associatio­n President Peter ‘Samora’ Simelane.

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