Times of Eswatini



1. Strongly condemns the killing of Thulani Maseko;

2. Calls for a prompt, independen­t, impartial, transparen­t and thorough investigat­ion, under the auspices of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the UN, into the attacks against other pro-democracy and human rights activists and the alleged recruitmen­t of mercenarie­s to help security forces repress opposition.

3. Condemns the widespread human rights violations in Eswatini and calls for the immediate release of all political prisoners– particular­ly MPs Mthandeni Dube and Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza –and an immediate end to the harassment, violence and pressure exercised against human rights defenders, trade unionists, pro- democracy activists and politician­s.

4. Urges the authoritie­s in Eswatini to respect, promote and protect human rights, including the freedom of expression, associatio­n and peaceful assembly and to allow the people of Es wat in ito exercise their civil and political rights.

5. Considers the imprisonme­nt of politician­s and human rights defenders and the banning of trade unions to be clear contravent­ions of Eswatini’s commitment­s under the Cotonou Agreement; stresses that the country’s authoritie­s must respect the principles of the Internatio­nal Labour Organisati­on. 6. Urges the authoritie­s of Eswatini to respect their commitment­s and launch, without delay, a comprehens­ive dialogue with all affected stakeholde­rs to work towards national reconcilia­tion and the protection of human rights, the rule of law and democracy, with the ultimate goal of lasting peace, mediated and supported by the Southern African Developmen­t Community.

7. Calls for the EU to review and, where applicable, suspend support pr ogrammes f or Eswatini where funds risk being used for activities that violate human rights.

8. Instructs its president to forward this resolution to the Kingdom of Es wat in ia nd to all relevant stakeholde­rs and institutio­ns.

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