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Lawyers fear to represent suspects


There’s no freedom for anyone If one can die for standing up for the people.


That’s the government we have in the country. People feel threatened and end up not doing their job efficientl­y.


When even lawyers are scared, the country is ungovernab­le. CHRIS NTUNGWA

We cannot blame lawyers who refuse to represent suspects. They also lost relatives. We know we are all related in this country. TAKHONA DLADLA

The lawyers should come clean. Who are threatenin­g them and what is the reason behind? Did they report the threats to the police, because these can help us solve the mystery on why some people are against them being represente­d.


The very same comrades could pose a threat to the lawyers. KHUKS SUKATI

A forensic voice analyst can be very helpful in exposing the truth and ending all speculatio­n. MBUSO SAMKETI

Those who are too concerned about the clip should do the forensic voice analysis. The State is not obliged to prove if they are innocent, but the onus is on ‘ Zwermat’ to prove to the nation and internatio­nal community that the video is authentic. SIKOS KOTA

Brace yourself because the forensic results may be shocking. NOTHANDO MBHAMALI

Government should convene the people for dialogue to stop the killings. BHEKI GAMA

There should be very stiff fines or jail sentences kulendzaba yemob justice.

LUNGILE MSIBI These floods really wreaked so much havoc for the past two weeks. A big shout out to government for acting swiftly.


How come DPM’s helicopter was not seen flying over Mbabane as we were also affected by the rains?


Siyayibong­a Inkhosi Mswati III

kusiletsel­a DPM Themba Masuku

lolibhuloh­o lemphumele­lo kanye nemphucuko eveni.


Babe Masuku is a great leader who leads by example, utiyele yena matfupha wangatfume­li. SIFISO NTUNGWA

Thumbs up to DPM for being hands on with the NDMA in trying to assist those affected by floods. SIBONISO MAZIYA

Forensic voice analyst can solve clip riddle - political expert Floods damage: Govt could announce state of emergency

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