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SADC centre warns of Cyclone Freddy

- Sicelo Maziya

MBABANE – The SADC Climate Services Centre has warned of intense tropical Cyclone Freddy. The Southern African Developmen­t Community ( SADC) Climate Service Centre warned that the region of the cyclone was evolving over the mid- Indian ocean and was currently moving in a westerly track at 25km/ h.

In an awareness statement, the climate centre said on this trajectory Freddy was approachin­g the Mascarenes, and clouds associated with it may cause heavy rains over Rodrigues by the end of the weekend and over Mauritius early next week.

They further warned that with the approach of cyclone Freddy, conditions will become very unstable over Madagascar, causing heavy torrential rains.

The centre said a low- pressure area was currently present over northern Botswana and causing heavy rains.

“The low pressure is not expected to deepen, however, heavy rains with a high risk of local flooding will be favored over some parts of

Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Eswatini, northern South Africa, and central Mozambique in the coming days,” reads part of the awareness statement.

Eswatini’s National Disater Management­Agency ( NDMA) Director of Early Warning Eric Seyama said the SADC advisory had been received and the country was closely monitoring the situation.


Seyama said the advisory was protocol to ensure all national services start watching the weather system and are alert for any eventualit­ies.

He said the current torrential rains that were witnessed around the country were not yet Cyclone Freddy, so emaSwati should not be alarmed.

He said the cyclone was expected to at least make landfall after passing the Mozambican channel. “We have started monitoring Cyclone Freddy,” said Seyama.

He further disclosed that the NMDA was keeping a close watch on the developing cyclone in a bid to activate their cyclone plan of action.

He said the department had a comprehens­ive cyclone plan that would be activated should Cyclone Freddy hit inland.

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