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A leap of faith

- By Jelly Fields

I Ttook a big leap of faith to decide to quit my job and try something new. I know many people who are not after the hustling life. They value their peace and happily pursue a life free of competitio­n. They may still want to achieve something big in their life, but it’s not from the place of the ego. They may not need the world to clap for them. That kind of life is beautiful. I think in one way or another, we should be aiming for a life that we can be proud of without that need for acknowledg­ment or validation. But it also got me thinking – how do you draw the line between wanting a life of peace and security and playing it too safe?

What does it mean to play it safe? Playing it safe is like settling for the bench, where you can join and enjoy the game. We see these bench players in all types of sports orts competitio­ns – football, basketball, ketball, and even baseball. They’re y’re part of the game, they might ght have a chance to join the action, tion, but most of the time, the only chance they have is to watch. ch. Being on the bench is not that bad. All the players always s have the opportunit­y to better er themselves to get into the game next time. But when a player ayer prefers the bench over actually ually experienci­ng the game – and feeling all the highs and lows that come with it – that’s s when playing it safe happens. . And it can get a bit too comfortabl­e mfortable when you’re there for too long.

Are you playing aying it safe? Imagine your life ten years from now. Do you want it to be e similar to how it is right t now? Or do you want more ore out of it?

Taking risks to o improve our lives can be scary. Between settling g for our comfort zone and d investing time, effort, and emotions on a goal, the for mer sounds much more comfortabl­e and much more convenient. Perhaps the big question we can ask ourselves is this — are we willing to take risks to see greater heights?


Or are we settled with embracing safety and comfort at the expense of bigger, better experience­s? If you’re at crossroads and wondering if you’re actually playing it safe, here are eight signs to look out for. These signs might be telling you it’s high time to take a leap of faith.

# 1 You are done with comfort – You’re ready to go all in when everything’s going awry and stagnant, our inner voice – the one that tells us we deserve more – gets louder than ever. Have you ever felt like you’re itching to break free from the place that you’re in? Have you ever no- ticed a renewed desire to take action and move forward? Listen to that voice. Your inner voice is ready to bid farewell to your safe zone, and so should you.

# 2 You are wondering if there is more to the routine you’re used to. I love routines. I think they create a sense of order in n our lives. Without a routine, it would be easy for us to feel lost. But what if you’ve doing the same routine for the past five years? There is going to be a gnawing feeling that seems to be asking, “Have I done something that would have moved my life in a different direction?” If your routine makes you realise that perhaps something different needs to be done, it’s time to take the leap of faith.

# 3 You want to experience the thrill of risks. You’re the bench player who’s had enough of watching. You finally want to feel the action, the adrena

line, the sensations that comes with taking significan­t risks. You now want to be in the game. Sure, you’re still scared. But more than ever, you’re ready to just jump on every opportunit­y to help you grow.

# 4 You want to make the most out of your life. Our time here is limited, and you feel it to your core. You want to make the most out of your days. You don’t want to spend your hours avoiding change because it’s going to be scary. You’re now ready to let life surprise you with challenges because you’re ready to redefine the life you are living.

# 5 You finally understand that you’re made for more. One of the quotes that have always stood out to me goes this way “The Universe gave us certain talents we can use to contribute good in the circle of life.” Deep down, all of us know that. But not everyone acts on that knowledge. If you have this strong conviction for using the talents, you have to offer more in life, in relationsh­ips, in your community, and your jour ney towards your goals, take that leap of faith.

# 6 You’ve decided that your past mistakes and trauma won’t define your future. Mistakes, , failures, ilures, and trauma from abusive relationsh­ips have wounded some people I know into believing that they’re not worthy of more. They want to fly, but the load of guilt, shame, and losing their sense of self has long weighed them down.

That’s why whenever clients feel empowered and more confident after each Intuitive Energy Healing session, I feel thrilled for them. You have the capacity to break the glass ceilings.

You have the ability to tell your ego to hush. It is possible to stop the negative voice inside you that always tells you, you can’t do this or that.

It’s just incredibly helpful to remove all that negative energy out of us first so we can invite better, cleaner, more positive energy in. If you’re ready to release those negative emotions and harmful subconscio­us thoughts to clear the deck, then it sounds like you’re truly ready for more. Change can be transfor mative. # 7 You know taking the risk is worth it. You’ve taken risks before, and even though they’re scary and unpredicta­ble, you understand what they can do, and how they can help you realise the greatness that is in you. Sometimes, all it takes is that one single risk. Then we feel more empowered to take on more.

# 8 You now see challenges as stepping stones to greatness. The challenges you used to see as a disruption to a comfortabl­e, safe routine are now keys to endless possibilit­ies. You now understand that when you take a challenge, you open more doors for opportunit­ies. You now see challenges as the catalyst to success, and you’re more than ready for them.

Take that leap of faith. You’re re ready.

Striking the balance. If we take that leap of faith, does it mean we let go of our peaceful, calm life? Not really. Finding that balance between accomplish­ing our goals and maintainin­g our inner peace is very important. But in the process of attaining perpetual inner peace, it’s good to remember that taking risks is part of that jour ney. Our inner voice wants us to be at peace and fulfilled. So, when it tells you to take that leap of faith, give it a listen and tap into your heart. If it’s right for you, you’ll know.

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